[Beer Money] Distraction

Hi, I hope you guys aren't sick of all my questions yet. I'm just trying to understand the game as best as I can!

This is what the rules of Distraction says.

It sawys 1 free attack, but it doesn't specifically say Basic Attack. Most rules state that if it only means basic attacks. So then can you use a special attack like Fists of Fury, Uppercut^2, Tantrum, etc...? Could you also use a Grab afterwards?

Hmmm, I guess it's any attack. Though obviously attacks that require a Grab first still have that requirement. In that case, I guess you could play the Grab as the free attack.

Ok, I was wondering if a Grab could come after a Distraction, even though it's technically not an attack. But it makes sense to allow Grabs afterwards. So thanx for clearing that up for me!

Also, horror of horrors or humiliation would cancel the distraction. but now the question is, if the distraction is canceled, would that person still be allowed to attack (even though their attack could be defended against), or would that end their turn?

Are you sure the Grab is not an Attack card? I don't have them with me at the moment, but I thought it was a Basic Attack.

If Player A plays Distraction as their card for the turn, and it countered with a HoH by Playert B, then Player A cannot play another attack. Additionally, HoH grants Player B a free immediate Basic Attack on Player A!

Yeah that's what I thought.

Grab is actually a Specialty card that can set up certain attacks.