Berkeley Tribunal 2008 (08/15-08/17)

Salvete sodales,

To complement CJ's excellent Grand Tribunal convention held in Cheltenham, UK, I am organizing a Regional Tribunal event in Berkeley, California the same weekend! This is an entirely Ars Magica focused gaming convention in Berkeley, California which will be held this summer. The dates are: Friday, August 15 through Sunday August 17. We will have games of Ars Magica and Grand Tribunal running all weekend, several Ars Magica authors and other guests of honor signing books and discussing Ars Magica past and present, and a charity prize raffle. I am also hoping to link up with the fine folks at the Grand Tribunal in the UK via webcam.

The event will be held at the UC Berkeley dormitories. Food and lodgings for the entire weekend, Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, will cost each attendee $200 for a shared double room, or $250 for a single. This also includes a ticket in the prize raffle. I prefer payment through PayPal at, or you can also write me to ask where to send a check or money order. I have to turn in a complete attendance list by July 15, so that is my cutoff date for registration.

I can also accommodate a number of attendees who do not want to stay on site, perhaps because they live in the Bay Area and will simply go home at night. However, I don't know how many guests I am allowed to bring until I know how many attendees have reserved rooms. If you are interested in attending as a guest, let me know and I will put you on the waiting list and get back to you when I know how much it will cost and how many spots I have available. This will likely be in late July, between the 15th and the 31st.

As of 04/02, I currently have 11 confirmed attendees, 4 names on the guest list, and 4 others who are interested but not sure yet. If you're at all interested in joining us, please let me know so I can keep track of you as well. For more information as this event develops, watch the pages on the Grand Tribunal 2008 website:

 [ ... California](

I hope to see many of you there!

Erik Dahl

Why oh why did it have to be the same weekend as GenCon? Well, maybe next year...


No Ben, leave GenCon to the side this year. Come to tribuman (makes his entrancement roll....)

Sorry about the overlap with GenCon, Ben. I wanted our con to be an extension of the Grand Tribunal in the UK, and that's the weekend it takes place. But yes, maybe next year. Or perhaps we will hold it in another Tribunal for 2009... :slight_smile:

By the way, I've been contacted by two more potential attendees! I can't wait.

Excellent! And for those in the UK & especially Europe, as we do love our mainland European delegates (though we welcome the Irish, Icelandic, Corsicans, Cretans, Cypriots, Sicillians etc, etc, too!) do check out for the European side. Sign up for the UK event is £8, not including any food or accommodation, but we do our best to help you come even if you are on a very tight budget. If you love Ars Magica, this is one event (UK or US) you can't afford to miss. Any kind words from previous attendees?

Erik, we had best start to work out which bits we can run together and the link ups. Kevin and Lloyd will be responsible for the techical side - drop them an email?

cj x