Bestiary of Andorra

Alexios, Spectral Herald:
Magic Might: 27 (Mentem)
Characteristics: Int +2, Per +1, Com +2, Pre +1, Str +2, Sta +2 Dex +1, Quik +1
Size: +0
Confidence: 1 (3)
Season: Spring (as per being a Specter)
Virtues: +0 Magic Spirit - Ghost(Magical Air, Incorporeal), +1 Arcane Lore, +1 Educated, +1 Warrior
Flaws: -1 Dutybound, -1 Minor Essential Flaw: Single Minded, -1 Visions
Qualities: +10 Improved Abilities x 10, +6 Greater Powers x 2 (100), +3 No Fatigue, +3 Improved Characteristics x 3, +3 Improved Powers x 3 (15), +2 Improved Might
Inferiorities: -2 Restricted Powers x 2
Personality Traits: *Dutiful +3, *Single Minded +3, Loyal +3, Brave +2, Pleading +2
Reputations: Stalwart 3 (other specters)
Dagger: Init +1, Atk +8, Def +5, Dmg +5
Short Sword (& Round Shield): Init +2, Atk +10 (+11), Def +8 (+11), Dmg +7
Short Spear (& Round Shield): Init +3, Atk +9 (+10), Def +7 (+10), Dmg +7
Thrown Spear: Init +1, Atk +8, Def n/a, Dmg +7
Soak: +9
Fatigue: n/a
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Equipment: short sword, short spear, round shield, full scale armor
Encumbrance: n/a
Abilities: Greek 5 (ancient), Greek Area Lore 3 (things to lament); Artes Liberales 2 (literacy), Athletics 2 (marching), Awareness 3 (in combat), Bargain 3 (plead), Brawl 4 (dagger), Concentration 3 (powers), Carouse 2 (drinking), Coptic 4 (ancient), Egypt Area Lore 3 (things to lament), Folk Ken 2 (warriors), Leadership 3 (soldiers), Magic Lore 3 (spirits), Profession: Soldier 5 (herald), Single Weapon 6 (with shield), Thrown Weapon 4 (spear), Penetration 5 (communion), Philosophiae 2 (metaphysics), Survival 2 (forage)
GP 100; Ip 15, Rp -2
Strike of the Spectral Sword/Spear: 0 points, Init (as weapon), Terram
R: Special, D: Mom, T: Ind
[tab][/tab]The spectral soldier can strike to inflict injury on corporeal beings, it's weapon being made solid in that split second. This power is Restricted in that the specter cannot attack invisibly. It must either manifest as an apparition or be seen by a defender with Second Sight (or some such)
CrTe10 (Base 5, +1 Touch, non-Hermetic)
Greater Power (10 levels), Improved power (1 points; -1 cost), Restricted Power
Animation: 0 points, Init -2, Corpus
R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind
[tab][/tab]The spectral soldier can animate its own corpse, skeletal and mummified and entombed with its armaments. The corpse is slower and less perceptive, but is both tougher & stronger (Per -2, Str +3, Quick -2, Reduced Characteristics, Tough; @-2 Init, @-2 Def, @+1 Dmg, @+3 Soak). The specter can only animate its own corpse, not that of another, so if that body is destroyed it can no longer use this power. However, higher ranking (more powerful) specters have the power to create (recreate) a material form, then can use this power to animate that shell.
ReCo25 (base 10, +1 Touch, +2 Sun)
Greater Power (25 levels), Improved Power (3 points; -3 cost), Restricted Power
Apparition 0 points, Init -2, Imaginem
R: Special, D: Special, T: Ind
[tab][/tab]Alexios can manifest as an apparition that can be seen and heard by material beings. This can persist as long as the spirit desires and can be discarded at will.
CrIm15 (base 2, +2 move as directed, +1 intricacy, +1 Touch, +1 special duration)
Greater Power (15 levels), Improved Power (2 points; -2 cost)
Communion of the Spectral Herald: 0 points, Init -2, Mentem/various
R: Arcane, D: Mom, T: Ind
Mastered 2 (Imperturbable, Multicast)
[tab][/tab]Alexios can communicate with any intelligent being that he has an Arcane Connection to/with. This includes all of the other spectral soldiers of Kush, with whom he shares a Permanent Arcane Connection. This, combined with his Penetration score and his Might, his Penetration of 51 allows him to communicate with any of the other specters (even Prince Keshan with his Might of 40, or King Kush with his Might of 50). He also has Visions, which alerted him to when the "intelligence" of the Iron Tablet was awoken by Solomon. He then used his Communion power upon it, using the empty sarcophagus as a Permanent Arcane Connection. He is able to Penetrate the Aegis of Andorra, but not the Door to the Secret Vault of Valdarius. In other operations, such as the specters now at Andorra, he communicates through other soldiers and reports directly to the Prince.
InMe(various)50 (Base 15, +4 Arcane, +1 Concentration, +1 communicate with any sort of intelligence, +1 requisites; non Hermetic)
Greater Power (50 levels), Improved Power (8 points; -5 cost, 15xp Mastery, 5xp Penetration)