Biggest Roll/Best Roll

I rolled a 386 once (1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 6) on a riding roll.
My character caught the guy.

What's your zaniest roll in Ars?

You mean 384?

That is simply amazing, by the way.

Most I've rolled was 1,1,1,8 which adds up to 64.

Not in actual game time but at home whilst contemplating Vis study, I did a "for the heck of it" roll to see what I could get for xp and managed 1,1,1,1,1, 10 for 320 points. Still dreaming of the day I can pull that off whilst playing.

Something along a 140-ish in a spont spell.... to light a candle :laughing: I was dreading the zero after the second 1 I rolled....

Best roll IMS have been a 160-ish in a perception roll. I spent something like 4 minutes explaining everything in his surroundings to the guy. He kept asking for more detailed explanations. The only important piece of info was that he has found a dagger under his pillow, but hey.

We always seem to roll well in easy stuff and vice versa. :unamused:


If I've ever rolled anything like that many 1's in a row, I always roll a 2 next. Always. :cry: :unamused:

hehe just had that happen in my session. 1,1, 2 and the funny thing was one of my fellow players said "2" just before I rolled it (curse him). lol.

In tabletop, I have a houserule that if a "1" was rolled on a stress douse, it was at least worth a "10" automatically. If you rolled more, great, but always at least a 10. Small gift to the players, and it avoided the OOC frustration of rolling the 1 and then getting dice-raped.

What is this "douse" I keep seeing you use? Singular of dice is "die".

We tend to house rule that a or series of ones followed by a two on a stress Dice can be rerolled once (if it's still a two then that's just bad luck and you're stuck with it).

As for the highest roll I've seen, I'm not sure but I certainly know the most memorable:

I'd put the party up against a particularly nasty couple of diabolists in the slums of Newcastle. I'd prepared this encounter as specifically too hard for my PCs in order to bring in someone's guardian angel and advance my metaplot and convince them that God really was on their side (along with resolving an ongoing plot thread that no one else believed one character and thought he was lying or mad when he told them about his angel). So I stated these guys with an MR of about 40, knowing that my party would be able to turn them blue and do little else, even if they got a 1.

The diabolists show up, burn down a few houses and gloat a little, they're flying and obviously good enough to dodge rocks being dropped at them. So far so good. The resident Flambeau steps up and multicasts pillum of fire on both of them, grinning madly. I grin back knowing that his average of 15ish on penetration isn't going to count for much on these guys. I ask him to roll two dice simultaneously and ask him to specify which die is for which diabolist.

He rolls two ones. I nod and ask him to continue.

He rolls two ones again. I start to worry and hope the next rolls are nice and low.

He rolls two ones again. Now I'm getting nervous.

He rolls a 7 and an 9 for penetrations in the 60s and 80s.


Well, crap.

There's no way I can believably fudge this one. Both hit. Amidst celebrations amongst the PCs I make concentration rolls for the diabolists to make sure they keep flying.

Two botches, one each.

The diabolists spend the next round on the ground recovering. Unfortunately for them the Rego Terram specialist has a couple of rocks in the air...


After that I decided that God really was on their side. They never got to meet the angel and rode off into the sunset complaining that the GM never gave them enough challenges.

Still, we all agree that was an awesome set of rolls.

Two mice, one mouse.
Two dice, one douse.

Don't you know? Never say "die".

LOL> nice theory, hate to disappoint you though but, NOT :wink:

Edith - fabulous story! Cheers! :smiley:

LOL!! :laughing:

Hasn't that happened to all of us sometime?

It was in another game system (with a lot of charts for everything), but the super-dupper badass dude from hell that was there to teach the cocksure player that he was not the biggest fish in the pool was bested by the recently generated PC of that said player with a couple of unbalanced rolls between the 2. Not as funny as your case, but similar in overall result :stuck_out_tongue:


the largest roll I'd ever gotten was as a grog...

This was Kroll, the despicable poleaxe wielding mercenary we'd picked up in the sweep of English Civil War veterans with his two fellow atrocious germans, Krause and Kukenshab, and their smooth talking cowardly italian crossbow brandishing face, Falco.

These guys were professional military. Fantastic in a brawl. Scum to the core. We took them into the field regularly because we didn't want them at the Covenant, but they were too good to give up.

So, the Tremere and the Tytalus decide to go into the Mediterranean to exchange vis for books and collect a variety of other things...this was supposed to be an interesting exercise in the trade rules for my ship captain of a companion, the possible fostering of his son as an apprentice, and a chance to get the group out of England for a while...

It became an odyssey of escape from sahir, their spirit servants, and their political machinations in Tangiers, to searching for a way out of a regio that mirrored pagan lands of the dead after a terrible storm, to attempting repairs on the damaged ship...

Then came Venice.

The ship had been repaired with wood from the regio, resupplied with food from various points inside. I'd been concerned that anyone who'd eaten within would get some sort of cyclical flaw (a la Persephone) but was mildly pleased when the ship seemed to acquire an aura of 1. "Fantastic!" I thought, "Now any research that's done in the ship's lab will get some benefit, and a magus can do service to the covenant as an escort without feeling like he's completely losing out."

Oh, Venice.

(As an aside, I'm not a long time player. I started in ArM4 and I think I've taken to ArM5 quite well, it has a great feel to me. I own few pre-ArM5 supplements, though that's been changing, but I knew none of the history associated with the Roman Tribunal...)

They were on us as we came into harbor. Where the sahir had courted us and tried to us the magi as catspaws in their own conflict, the Hermetics in Venice used the mundane authorities to keep us from shore and when the magi left the ship, they looted the place blind-- stripping the magical wood, the supplies, even the magi's possessions.

And that's where it got personal.

The Tremere and the Tytalus learned that Rellentali was primarily responsible for the theft and discovered that the covenant had an island chapterhouse with a Hermes' Portal back to the primary urban structure. They sent the ship onward to Naples and slipped ashore to the chapterhouse with a handful of their best grogs...among them was Kroll, halberd in hand.

The chapterhouse was defended by another Tremere, and after a fierce certamen, the magi continued onward and passed through the portal to the covenant proper. Emerging from the basements with the element of surprise, the two magi began a small, brutal raid...taking what they could find and searching for their own goods. In the course of this retribution, they burst into the lab of an older magus, an Animal specialist with cages and cages of creatures lining the walls of his sanctum.

Fortune smiled. The magus had abysmal initiative, trying to open his cages to unleash his defensive creatures. Crossbow bolts shifted his sidestep image, then Kroll charged him.

1, 1, 1, 1, 8... exerting... the old man never knew what hit him. (Not even a high parma will keep you from taking an axehead to the face.) The screeching beasts were drawing attention, and the Tremere and Tytalus scrambled to scavenge what they could and keep moving after obliterating the corpse completely. They had been doing this as they pushed deeper and deeper, intent on leaving nothing that might point back to them.

There was another confrontation in the front room of the covenant, and Rellentali's aquam maga was knocked unconscious. Kroll took no chances and dispatched her right there. Rellentali's imagonem specialist had been nearby, well, projected his image nearby, and when he saw Kroll kill her, he crushed the vile grog's heart right where he stood.

Our campaign doesn't often descend into raw combat like that, but when it does,... wow, that was a night that still reverberates with the occasional consequences. It didn't help that the SG particularly liked the aquam maga, and thought Kroll was just being vindictive... I argue that he knew exactly what he was doing, after seeing the power magi wield he'd be a fool not to eliminate such a threat when he had the chance...

That was perhaps the best roll I'd had yet, and it came at a point when it was needed most for the story. Those four grogs all died terribly, and you know, we still think of them fondly despite their horrible natures. And they brought more than their share of stories to the troupe with their awful backgrounds as mercenaries. I don't think I'd trade them for anything at this point. :slight_smile:

Not as sexy as six 1's, but I still grin when I think of the SGs face as we put down two of the five magi who figured they could just roll us as bumpkins from Stonehenge and get away with it...


+1 for the skill and +1 for the attribute. I was lucky. :slight_smile:

It could have been twilight points on a failed comprehension =O

The most memorable was a 100+ spont CrIg spell by a magic-addicted magus. He set fire to a whole district of Toulouse.

Ah, this is an easy one. Let me introduce you to Gabrielle. A feisty yet very agile thief companion I created for our Arm4 campaign

We were kicking our heels in a bar when she spotted some fat, rich merchant in need on pickpocketing. Unfortunately, she botched her roll and he caught her. For some reason she leapt up on the table and merchant, rather smartly, tried to pin her foot to said table with his dagger.

One 40+ roll later, paired with a great Acrobatics roll, and she had backflipped off the table catching the merchant under the chin with her boot mid-flip, sending him flying backwards over his chair. He was out cold.

Not only that but as she began her back-flip she drew her whip and snatched the knife out of the merchant's hand with it. She left with a nice new knife and a very fat purse :wink:

It's moment's like that that RPGs are made for. Made all the better because of the wonderful description of the SG at the time.

73 for initiative.

Went first every round....

Two memorable one's and a great botch

THe ones , casting a ReIg spontaneous protection from fire ward there where 7 1's and an 8 . The guy I cast the spell on never got warm from anything again.

A character with highlander style immortality fighting a peasent with a stick, the peasent rolled 6 1's and a 9 and was ruled to have decapitated the immortal .

The botch while casting a Cr Te spontaneous spell with 15 pawns of vis to deal with a group of demons outside the covenant and not aware the covenants aura had been overwhelmed and he was in a level 7 infernal aura the player botches he rolled 8 botches . He has never played a character without charmed life since