Bind the Gift?

I was looking at Bind the Gift (GotF p60), trying to determine how it works.

It prevents the casting of any spell of a level lower than 25, is cast at touch range, for Sun duration, and is ReVi 30.
It lists "base effect, +1 touch, +2 sun"

As far as I can tell, it uses the following guideline: "Sustain or suppress a spell cast by another with level less than half the level + 5 magnitudes of the Vim spell".
It then works like that:
Base 15, + 1 touch, +2 sun = lvl 30
30/2 = 15
15 + (5 mag - 1 for touch, -2 for sun) = 25

Am I right?

If so, is it normal that the magnitudes are added after division?
I don't have the time to check for similar spells, where bonus from guidelines > malus for range and duration, but it feels strange.

Something looks wrong. For reference, Wind of Mundane Silence does the division in the end, not the middle.

Style 1 (via base): If you want to affect a level 25 spell or lower, that would be 25x2=50=25+5x5. So a base of 25 is needed. Add +1 Touch and +2 Sun for a total level of 40.
Style 2 (via level): Another way to write this is level + 5 magnitudes becomes level +2 magnitudes after +1 Touch and +2 Sun are accounted for. So level +2 magnitudes must double 25, meaning the level must be 40.

I see two other spell-level corrections on that page in the errata, but nothing for that spell. I would send it to David.


Thanks. I had that same impression, but wasn't sure I hadn't missed something.
Must say, I was especially hoping for your point of view on this :smiley:

calen is right.

The general guidelines Magnitude or Level "modifiers" are (like every spell) for Personal/1 target/Momentary.

This can be terribly confusing when designing a one off spell since you need to adjust the effectiveness when you change the parameters. We find it easiest to select an spell level at base parameters, note the effect level (1/2 the level +5 parameters, magnitude-2, etc etc) then add in the target/range/duration mods (which dont change the effect.

When doing spont spells this is a bit more challenging, and I am always happy that one of the other players has seemingly internalized this for us and usually gets the right answer within 30 seconds.

Good luck!

Oups, sorry, I had forgotten this (Alzheimer, old age, that kind of things).

I had a reply from David Chart.
So, yes, I am relieved, the spell design is wrong