binding magical oaths?

I am under the impression I have seen this before, but now I can't find it in my books. Can anyone help ?

Basically, a supernatural Virtue that allows/enforces magical oaths.

Unless it is a subset of Geas.

There is nothing truly hermetic that enforces a binding oath. But the Magic realm creatures (typically daemon, and genii loci) has Oath-swearing as a group ritual-like power, and Faerie has something similar under Binding Oath ritual-like power. I have it in my mind to develop a oath-based magic mystery, but it's not completed yet.


Addendum: Not quite an oath... but Faerie magic does have Bargain duration. Downside - limited to a year.



Maybe that is it. A human with a ritual creature power - the group oathbinding.

Will need to recheck RoP:Magic for details.
Sounds like something to acquire via a Mystery initiation.

I think that there is something about it in the Guardians of the forest, the genus locus etc can also make some kind of bargain, as I recall.

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The Geas/Limit duration of Gruagachan magic seems to fit the requirement pretty well.

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don't forget the djinn greater malediction such that it cannot break a bargain first.