Birds of a Flock: Nicholas

Unless Nicholas understands better than I do
"The blessed cross? Can you show what you mean?"

"Have a good hunt and a safe winter."

Towards Kissa: "We should revisit these birds, either in winter or latest when the spring comes. Hopefully they get used to talking to ravens.
Not sure if or how ravens would transfer the notion of smiling, but Nicholas would if he could.

Back in Meru Mudi he will approach Dimitrios: "I underestimated your fair warnings. It's really dangerous up in the mountain tops.
Do you know any specifics about the so called forest lords? One called Ash Songbird seems to be quite influential in the north. There appear to be others... Though I have no name.

[tab][/tab] The hawks seem to refer to the Lapatos Cross (here under the divine realm). Its a cross erected west of Astraka, just opposite the Towers. It is visible from several vantage points South-west to North of the mountain (not visible from the Gorges or the whole eastern side). The birds do not know the specifics stated in that entry, just that its 'safe' to fly in sight of the cross.
[tab][/tab] One of them even volunteers showing it to you, gently gaining height gliding over the mountain. It will perch on the high point of a hill bellow, probably on the top of a conifer and point it out in the distance. Kissa on the other hand does not like the cross. She feels uncomfortable in its sight (like goosebumps). Its is possible for Nicholas to fly over to the cross and examine it, but Kissa would stay behind.

[tab][/tab] Dimitios nods at the talk about the dangers of the mountains but draws a completely blank face at the mention of 'Forest Lords'...or Lords of any kind. He mentions that there are very few nobles in the area, but clearly that is not what Nicholas is talking about. Is it some kind of legend or tale, folklore that the Falconer has encountered. He seems both intrigued by what he has to say and also a bit apprehensive. Finally he suggest talking about this with the magi. Clearly it is of supernatural nature. He looks at Nicholas as if he is 'touched', wary of him....

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"You don't like it? Is it dangerous?" Nicholas is curious, but won't ignore another of Kissa's warnings.
Either way he thanks the birds: "That was really kind of you. Looking forward to seeing you again come spring."

"Excuse me m... masters." Nicholas approaches a group of magi in or about the rotunda. "Dimitrios suggested I talk to ... to you about the ... the forest lords. I heard of Ash Songbird kingdom in ... in the north. He seems to be quite influential."

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"Excuse me m... masters." Nicholas approaches a group of magi in or about the rotunda. "Dimitrios suggested I talk to ... to you about the ... the forest lords. I heard of Ash Songbird kingdom in ... in the north. He seems to be quite influential."

<OOC looking over Nicholas's sheet, he has Animal Ken: is this granted by the Faerie Realm (or Divine or Infernal, brr) or is it a Magic Realm ability? If it is Magic, Scylax's Gift should not bother Nicholas (Inoffensive to Magic Beings); I had mentioned this before, and HoH:MC p 86 bears it out (emphasis mine): "include characters associated with Faerie or the Magic realms, respectively, through Supernatural Virtues or Flaws, as well as beings with Faerie or Magic Might." And Kissa as well! OOC>

Scylax is interested in what Nicholas has to say, Well met, Nicholas. I have seen you around! I am called Scylax. So you came to Meru Mudi to roost? We definitely have birds on our minds 5 days a week at least! smiling You speak of Forest Lords, what are they? Please narrate all you have found out, and the manner in which you came to this information. We are newly come to this place and are trying to winnow fact from tall tale. Come! Let us walk together while you enlighten me!

"Master Scylax, thanks. Yes, I was hired by Anastaj to build up a mew. Although he didn't really seem to remember..."
Nicholas realises that he might just have criticized one of the masters.
"... Ah, I didn't mean to ... to complain. And you ... you were anyway not asking for my profession."

"I heard about the forest lord from a pair of hawks that I met in the Konita valley. They had some firm warnings to offer. The mountain tops, especially the towers and Smolikas, in general the high plateaus should be avoided. ANd for the towers they were right... nasty mist nearly killed me... Even the Vikos gorge should be avoided. There was unfortunately not much about Ash Songbird the forest lord of the mountains in the north. Mainly his name."

"Before I forget, they offered relief as well. The cross in the mountain apparently offers protection."

Scylax dismisses Nicholas's embarrassment with a smile and a wave. A mew? Do we have noble hunters in our midst? What's the plan, in that regard? Have you ahh, run this by Arni and Pavo? Our proud experts in all bird-related endeavors! Do hawks get along well with eagles, do you know? And with proud peacocks?stares curiously at the falconer

At this, Scylax stares at Nicholas with far more intensity <OOC Comprehend Magic _: 1D10 = [4] = 4 + 5 Aura + Per 1 + 2 Comprehend Magic = 12 (Character with Supernatural Virtue 15 – Ability score), (Enchanted Item 18 – magnitude of strongest power) will try for the 3 rounds while he speaks, can PM me results, IonianD, please OOC>

Hawks..they are chatty? Hmm. Hmmmmm. Only hawks? Tell me Nicholas, are you literate? Deep in thought Do you know your way around maps? Let us see if we have parchment and ink, shall we? And if not, linen and charcoal! I think, yes, Ioannes's quarters might house what we seek.

Does it, now? From the mist? And everything else? Hmm, you do get around Nicholas! The Towers! Up there? points while staring at the falconer I am astounded. That I could travel as you do! Unfortunately, I am slower of gait, and not at all suited to climb. But I can plod on with the best of them!
You must tell me your story, where do you hail from, about your family! Other siblings with such useful talents? I would dearly love to discuss things further, whenever you ahh, scout the area and exercise with your charges. I'll lend an eager ear to your stories! Say, if you should learn about some larger specimen or curious creature with interesting capabilities, particularly speech, without the aid of your talents, would you be so kind as to bring this to my attention? I can always put a good word about you with the other... Masters. Scylax has a twinkle in his eye and seems buoyed with good humor

"I don't know the plan, Anastaj originally had. I was also wondering... I haven't seen Arni around, my plan... if no master has other wishes... is to establish a mew on the roof of the main tower. I suppose eagles and hawks will occasionally fight, although they have different prey. And tamed birds is different anyway. Why do you ask?"

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"What is a peacock?"

Nicolas shivers briefly when he realizes what he just unveiled about himself, but then calms again - this is in the end the main reason to be in Meru Mudi.
"Only if you speak their language. And even then they are more concerned with getting their next mouse, rat or rabbit - that's why I have so little to say."
Nicholas makes an excusing expression.
"The eagle was already gone. And I am not sure he would have been more talkative. He might actually even attack a ... raven."
Nicholas makes a small pause before saying that. He tries to grasp what Scylax makes of it.

"If I can read and write, you mean? No, sorry, and maps... I suppose I can explain how to get around, if you can translate that to maps???"
Nicholas feels bad, that he never learnt writing nor cartography.

"The cross? When you can see it, you should be relatively safe. That's what the birds say."

Nicholas feels noticeably uneasy when talking about his roots. "I am from the city, left before it was sacked. I left alone that is. But that's a long and sad story. The time after the fall of Constantinople I spent mostly in the mountains... "

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Arni, he's set in his ways. The rest of the... Masters... don't get to see him much either. No matter, you will either build a mew up there, or you won't. But I wish you success in this endeavor, all of these extra eyes surely can't but aid us.

An extraordinary bird! One hopes with as much substance as show, ehh?

What eagle is this, were you not speaking of hawks? Pause to see what Nicholas might answer
On Nicholas's illiteracy. Perhaps you have met Ioannes, our resident scholar? He can remedy that. Nicholas, while some find value in keeping folk in the dark about learning, I do not. Take the opportunity, educate yourself, and you'll become a more valuable member of this enterprise. Scylax will make the introductions to Ioannes if need be, and get a general map of Nicholas's tidings.

A terrible time that, I do not mean to wake painful memories. Perhaps on another occasion.

Before they eventually part ways: Nicholas, it has been an unmitigated pleasure! Please do not forget what we talked about, I certainly won't! We will speak more in days to come.

"Oh nothing... just... , before the mist came up, there was an eagle circling in the sky."

"That indeed sounds like an opportunity. I am eager to learn. "

"The pleasure was all mine."

"Ioannes, Scylax mentioned you could teach me to read and write. Would you be willing to take me as a student?"

Of course! I could always use more students. Ioannes says. He can in fact always use more students. Literacy is extremely valuable, and is a key method for allowing the accumulation of wisdom in humanity.


Of course! I could always use more students. Ioannes says. He can in fact always use more students. Literacy is extremely valuable, and is a key method for allowing the accumulating knowledge and advancing civilization!