Blind magi

That would get his master into serious trouble; disclosing the secret of the Parma Magica to someone who hasn't sworn the Oath - even to someone without the gift who probably couldn't make much use of it - is strictly forbidden under the pains of death. :smiling_imp:

I was thinking that maybe this mage, lets call him......Ray. Ray writes his lab notes on wax tablets like the mesopotamians, so he can feel them with his fingers.

Maybe Clay ?
It is easier to get.
(Of course there is always Magic, but making a Spell for anything is kind of overkill)

maybe the magi just raises the letters on the parchment instead(could happen)

True. But to the blind magus it might not feel like overkill.

Actually the idea of a MuHe (is ink a plant product normally?) to raise the words on the page to be read by touch (pseudo-braille) had occurred to me. And a spell to write books by dictation exists? Great. And as long as he sets up his lab according to his own "I'm a blind guy" requirements, he should be quite viable. Thanks you all. I suppose he could target spells by sound or Intellego effects, so that is not a problem (sight range spells are no use though).And use Ears (Eyes?) of a Bat (InAu) for general moving about. I may want to give him flexible formulaic magic so he can use sight ranged spells at voice range. hmmm...

That brings up a good point. if you have the lab text for a sight-range spell, you can only use it to create an identical effect. Would it be of any help to create an identical effect except at a different range? maybe treat it as a "similar effect"?

Ink I would say to be Aquam while fluid (with possible Req) and animal, herbam or terram when on the parchment.

I think an Intellego spell with Target: Touch is probably better, or prefered to raising the letters or similar, when using magic to read, and then simply trace your fingers along the letters as they are. Also taking to account that many would dislike you to distort their books and parchment with magic.

I certainly also included Flexible Formulaic Magic in my blind character, but for now it has been tossed because I really want Flawless Magic too and you cant have both :frowning:

In general I think many things are possible for a permanent blinded magus that would not be possible to a temporarily blinded one unacostomed to being blind (that includes his lab etc).

The trouble with raising the writing , is that not all writing is on the surface of the page.
In some cases the ink soaks into the parchment.

That works well because he will concentrate on Intellego, Rego, and Mentem.

Also, this would be neat in that he does not have to light his lab. One of the protective spells he could have in his lab would be all kinds of visual illusions or darkness spells that would have no effect on him. He could read in the dark, and that would reduce the chance that he would start a fire on the library (no lamps needed).
I would assume real world blind people have lower power bills than the rest of us, little use for TV or light bulbs.

he could use muto imagonem- he could make parts of the page that look dark now feel fuzzy.

Just have someone read it to you. A medieval lecture is basically a guy reading you a book.

Certainly. And it has a great feel to it, doesnt it? And I plan that to be the usual daily rutine for him (maybe even with a difficult underling flaw...), but I would also like a spell as a possible alternative when needed.