Blood of the Nephilim

2 Questions about the major virtue Blood of the Nephilim (RoP:D 35)

Is the Greedy minor personality flaw mentioned one have to take when having Blood of the Nephilim still worth the 1 point for a minor flaw or is this a 0 point flaw?

Also do this greedy personality flaw from Blood of the Nephilim count toward the limit we can take in personality flaws?

The minor personality flaw Greedy is a 0 point flaw - it's like how Mythic Blood comes with a free personality flaw.

This personality flaw still counts to the limit you can take in personality flaws. The limit isn't a hard one - it says "A character should not have more than one Minor Personality Flaw, lest they move from entertaining to profoundly irritating. Grogs may often be an exception to this." Therefore, with troupe approval, you could go for more personality flaws if everybody agrees that the combination you've picked is playable and won't annoy everyone.

Thanks darkwing so its as I expected it, I just wasn't sure enough that's why I needed a second opinion.