Blue Mage Shenanigans with Rego Vim

Here's the scenario:

First spell cast: Endurance of the Berserkers
Second spell cast: Maintaining the Demanding Spell (to maintain the first spell)
Third spell cast: Suppressing the Wizard's Handiwork (on Maintianing the Demanding Spell)

What happens to the first spell?
If the first spell fails, what happens to the second when it is no longer suppressed if the spell it is maintaining is gone?

It fails.
It fails.

Why does Maintain The Demanding Spell fail?

Fails or becomes irrelevant, because it no longer has a target.
In general, a spell without a (valid) target fails.

Thanks, I was trying to understand where you were coming from.

IMO, if you cancel Maintaining, the first spell could be resumed with a successful concentration roll. Although I would make the difficulty harder than if one were casting Maintaining the Demanding Spell, because you've resumed concentrating on the first spell to keep control of it, and are working Handiwork to cancel the Maintaining spell (the text of Maintaining says you can concentrate on it or not, suggesting that concentration can be retained when Maintaining ends, although this could be debated).
I would put the difficulty of this at 15... And i'm not sure that it is all that useful to cancel the effects of Maintaining, rather than just wait it out.

Edited a horrible mashup of Maintaining the Demanding Spell and Suppressing the Wizard's Handiwork.

Ah, yes. you can.

I atomatically assumed he wouldn't, my bad.