Bolstering a Creatures Might

Howdy, folks!

Should it be possible to use CrVi to bolster a creature's Might Score, for the purposes of providing 'padding' against PeVi spells that reduce it's Might Score?

I was thinking of the following spell:

I thought this would be nice to give to certain antagonists to buff up their pet [critter] before sending it out to devour unsuspecting DEO-happy magi. It'd also be good for magi with low-Might familiars.

What do you think?

RoP:I has a non-ritual spell that restores might points spent by demons (for all purposes, in particular including use of powers). A magic item capable of producing the effect a set number of times/day could come close to what you ask, and would be perfectly canonical.

However, it's not clear if a version of it would work for creatures of other realms as well.

Also, I do not think you could develop a version that increases the Might Score, even if just as a "padding" - there's only so much might that a being can hold at any given time. It would be a little like giving a character "extra" health levels as a padding against future damage: I don't think it could be done through hermetic magic, even though you can certainly use hermetic magic to heal past damage.

In another Thread i asked abaout all Apothropaic guides, and the answer was that yes. All the Guidelines are posible to another realms, but just like Wards, those spell'ld apply only to one Realm.
Since the CrVi for example works similar to the Arcane Conections produced by faery relation just like some Theurgical or Daemonic powers and spells, it's possible... for me at least.
Other thing, to me the best Guideline should be a CrVi Ritual to make it the recuperation possible to Ritual effects on Magical/Faeric beings permanently.