Bone Golems

My thoroughly unpleasant necromancer wants to do something to impress his sodalis. His thoughts are wandering on the lines creating freakish monsters by combining human skeletons and then using rego corpus magics to animate them.

Amongst the ideas he has so far are:
An impressive throne made of human bones that can walk around under his direction on a skeletal legs (8 a side)

A horse substitute. Having a blatant gift, he isn't a big hit with animals but some kind of freakish horse sized creature forged of bits of humans and stuck together with his dark arts that he can ride would be handy. A spell to make it look like a normal horse for those "Delicate" situations would probably be a good idea too.

Skeletal guardians, such as two human skeletons stuck back to back with their four legs slightly splayed and then animated and commanded to guard sensitive areas of the covenant.

Jolly as these ideas are, I'm having a problem working out if they are even possible. He does already have a spell that lets him mould bone like playdo so creating the raw forms isn't a problem, animating them might be.

Rego Corpus lvl 10 is the base to animate a body. This i think would require a group spell if there is more than one body involved, maybe a magnitude for complexity?

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

He's not a Merinita, is he? Animae Magic is perfect for this sort of thing.

Otherwise, it sounds like you want invested devices. The throne, for example, could be an item made of bones with a ReCo effect to move the bones as you direct, probably maintaining Concentration for you. Likewise with the guardians or the horse.

I was thinking of invested devices for the throne and horse. What kinda of levels would you give to move bone constructions, given that a normal body is base 10?

Sadly he isn't a merinitae, he is a criamon. Very much a non-canon one too :confused: Created before Mystery Cults came out.

As long as it's still an Individual-sized thing, level 10 seems like a good start to me. Also there's ReHe "Level 10: Make a plant or thing made of plant products move with purpose and intelligence, without requiring your constant control." That should translate almost exactly to ReCo or ReAn, I imagine.

Hmm... I could imagine a version of Animae Magic that summoned magical or infernal spirits to animate corpses in the same way. Maybe some of these wacky Criamon you envisioned follow an animist Mystery like that? It would be nice if you could use some of the stuff from that book, even if it's not exactly what was intended.

Actually this is very similar to the second Station on the Path of the Circle, which was cut from the book. Empedocles believed that life generated as simple, freeroaming organs which, over time collaboratedinto more and more complex forms. The iddea was that some criamon could summon these independently living bits, and combine them into an array of bizzare and potentially quite disgusting forms.

I was thinking the same thing but my NDA kept my mouth shut. I'm so glad that so many of the authors participate in the discussion here.

Seriously, I should find a way to use the Circle. Is Hermes Portal still taking articles or is Erik wrapping it up?

Anyhow, my point to the original poster was: your mechnical body - the thing you use to keep your conciousness in, is the First Tool in the quest to break the Enigma, and you should seriously consider it, regardless of how disgusting and depraved your researches look to others, provided you don't kill people to take their bodies. Calling up horrific combinations of body parts is, arguably, a -Good Thing-. It might just be that if you jumble together the right combination of organs you'll build a messiah, or a steed that can take you from the world, or humans with the ability to percieve clues not seen by less equipped people.

Do all the weird and sick biotech stuff you like: Empedocles thought that transhumanism wasn't evil: it was inevitable.

Sounds bizarre, although fascinating nonetheless...

Sadly, I think Hermes Portal is truly defunct - I submitted the final draft of a 5000 word Guernicus Terram Mystery cult article (which I wrote shortly after HoH:MC came out and before TMRE was released) to Eric over 9 months ago. In September last year he told me he was wrapping up the last "half-issue" and that the art and layout for my article was done, he just had to write the last editorial/farewell.

That was 6 months ago.

I enquired politely monthly up until 2 months ago and haven't had a reply to my last enquiry. My last email informed him that the nine month publishing agreement would be up in late February and I would be resubmitting the piece to Niall's Sanctum Hermeticum Revisited site.

It's a shame, because it was a great fanzine and I'd just got enthused about contributing a few pieces, but the repeated delay became frustrating.

I'd strongly encourage you to post the Path of the Circle to SHR, Timothy as I'm sure Niall would be keen as there's a whole lot of new content due to upload shortly.

I for one would be fascinated to see some more Criamon ideas, official or unofficial.



I (still) second that notion ! :smiley: :smiley:

Please please indulge us the Circle!

Aye, grand idea. My criamon is on the path of Strife atm but it doesn't terribly suit him. He is happy with the "doing evil so his house mates don't have to" bit, but his general attitude is very much that of a emotionless scientist, coupled with the public personae of a vaudeville villain.

Not evil as such, he just can't understand why the peasants don't like it when loots bodies and re-animates them, don't they know he has important research to do!?

If i had to redo him, i'd probably put him in house bonisagus as he is so into his research.

Him and me both. God made man, but v2.0 is better :smiley: