Books on Thebian tribunal

I'm looking for source material on the Thebian Tribunal.

Any title with info on that Tribunal would be helpful as I'm putting together material for a potential pnp game.

Societies and Mysteries revised I know have info on some mysteries that would be near. I think RoP:Infernal has the Witches of Thessaly.

But I'm thiking more about the Tribunal...

I don't want to make some stuff up and then be totally surprized when player x tells me something different.

Try ... rcebk.html

Be sure to save copies of any pages you find useful because Geocities is going to be shut down later this year.

I'd download the whole collection of webpages in entiretly - it's a great resource! Jeremiah produced an amazing volume of work on this.

You may be able to find it after Geocities closes using the WayBack Machine, but it can be a bit variable.

I'd love to see an official Theban Tribunal book though...



Seems like something that deserves to go live at Sanctum Hermeticum.


How 'does' one download such materials for storage offline?

It is an inconvenient and painstaking process.
You have to visit each page and right-click on it, then choose "Save page as..."

Also note that doing so can be construed as a violation of copyright law. :cry: I am not a lawyer and don't want to get into the legal details. Suffice to say I don't think Jeremiah would mind if you saved a copy for personal use.

It might be polite to ask him though (and respect his wishes if he says no). Then legally you would be in the clear. In fact it would be worthwhile to migrate this material to another site, though it would require Jeremiah's permission.

I would ask him myself, but I can't stand the guy. :imp:

"Wget can follow links in HTML and XHTML pages and create local versions of remote web sites, fully recreating the directory structure of the original site. This is sometimes referred to as recursive downloading."

Actually, you can do it fairly easily with a simple download manager add-on for Firefox:

The links are broken however.

I'll ask him then.

(Request sent... let's see)