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Hey, folks.

Pardon me if this has been posted and discussed before. I just read the spells wiki and associated V&F. Wondering if anyone would be interested in posting titles of books (real or imagined), their associated Arts or Abilites, history, etc.

I would be happy to contribute, but I'm not wiki-savvy to where I would be able to help maintain.



Very good idea!

Where's there a spell wiki?.. I don't seem to have found that one yet ^^

But sounds a fine idea to me.. handy if the SG needs a book in a hurry

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Aha, thanks! :slight_smile:

I second this idea! I was whining about the same thing a while ago here; there were some nice suggestions in that thread, something to start with perhaps.

Which thread?

Here are a couple of submittals from me:

On the Foolishness of Apprentice's and Teaching Them

This text has to be one of the strangest books in the Order, though not for the oddness of the magical principles explained. Magister Rudolf Bonisagi of the Rhine Tribunal was known as one fo the great teachers of the Order in the 1100s (and not the most disciplined of researchers) and had trained 5 apprentices on his own as well as assisted many others. Late in his life he wrote several works and each of them had a somewhat comic cast to them. This one, however, was easily the one that every mature magus seems to want.

He affectionaltely writes in this one of a great many of the pratfalls and humorous errors in understanding and execution in educating apprentices in the Art of Vim. He does not attribute any of these anecdotes to a particular apprentice and it should be noted that, in the original, all five submitted letters validating stating something in the nature of "Of the stories in here that are about me, and there are more than I care to admit, I know them to be true." All five of his fillii briefly endured a a few pointed jests from their soldales when the book came out, but each have reputations as excellent teachers and researchers.

Vim Tractatus Q9
Teaching Tractatus Q9
Folk Ken L3 Q9


Into The Pit

A truly harrowing account of Magus Quaesitor Felix Jerbitonis, his capture by the diabolists he was persuing, his imprisonment in a large Infernal regio, and his escape. Felix appears to wander in his writing, but in actual truth, these are long digressions where he amplifies his points by examples from his career in other encounters and the kind of reasoning one gest by personal observation. The text spends a fair amount of time discussing magics specific to opposing the Infernal and provides a small number of example spells. The original text was immediately glossed by Archmagus Queasitor Octavian Guernici after it was submitted. A significant proportion of the Order that has read this book considers it wildly exagerrated and needlessly lurid.

It should be noted that Felix, horribly scarred by years of torture, afflicted by multiple twilight events, and cursed with continual nightmares, requested to withdraw from queasitorial duty and retire after his escape. Archmagus Octavian appealed to Felix's sense of duty and asked him to remain as an arbitrator. The quesitors paid to have several rituals designed specifically for him so as to ease his pain and he was eventually able to write this and several lesser texts. He is the only magus that took demon and diabolist hunting as a career known to have died of old age.

Felix passed on to his much-needed final rest in 1057.

Infernal Lore L5 Q10
Magic Theory Tractatus Q7
Five lab texts (2 wards, DEO PeVi 4, DEO PeVi 20, "Compelling a rescue" ReVi(Pe) 20)

I know folks like to break out books into single subjects, and that's fine, but my players think "combined" texts more fun. To each thier own, I suppose.


I have obtained from Atlas an agreement to include stuff beyond sells in my wiki. Specifically, they answered in the positive to "Is it alright to put
additional fan created materials in the wiki? Virtues & Flaws, mysteries,
enchanted devices, perhaps characters, even adventures?", David Chart saying "I don't see any problem with putting up lots of kinds of fan-created
material". So you could just open a new page on the spell wiki if you want to.


I am afraid I've developed a slight case of carpal syndrome, so won't give further details. Writing just this with one hand took me minutes...