Botch Dice and Friendly Auras?

But their botch dice are counted as twice the aura's of the same magnitude, and twice zero is zero.


Hu, i don't think so.

  1. determining the number of dies
    Aura botche dies number = strenght of the aura
    Regio = 2x aura ; So, Regio = 2x strenght of the aura.

  2. applying them (or not)
    Then, if it is a magical aura, magic affiliated power don't add botche die. If it's a regio, it's not an aura, so you don't apply this rule.

Seems more consistent with RAW.

two times zero is still zero

Yes, that could work. However, you have two points against you. First, your rule 1 isn't what the books says. It says in a foreign aura add that number of botch dice. It doesn't say add an aura's number of botch dice and then subtract that number for friendly auras. So no botch dice are ever added for a friendly aura, and doubling that gives you zero. Second, internally, if you claim there is no aura for the regio, then your rule 1 leads to 2x0=0 for everyone, and then your rule 2 doesn't matter.


You read what you want to read in fact.

If this is a aura, then no botche dice.
An aura isn't a regio's aura.


If you're in a regio, you're in a special type of aura. Therefore, if you're in a regio, you're in an aura. You are welcome to change this for your saga, but I think the canon is pretty clear on this one.


Yes, though not all Aura's are Regios, all Regios are Auras.
Or rather, All Regios have an Aura, though not all Auras are in Regios.

I think there is a linguistic breakdown here. Semantics causing trouble again.