Brainstormin Methods of Immortalizing + Possession Mechanics

Two major things I'm bringing up here. First, I'm brainstorming methods for how to immortalize the magi of my current saga so I can start thinking of ways to shape the saga. Second, I've got some mechanics to get help with, because one of the characters in this saga has a ghost residing within her and I'm not sure how to handle that mechanically. I'll go into these while silently praising the heavens that my players don't come here, so I can use this forum as a resource without fear.

Also, I'm going to be posting this saga on the forum, so you can consider this a brief introduction to the characters as well.

I've brought this up a little but, but basically I'm about to run a precursor saga. The players are playing the Chosen of the Draconic Pantheon (btw, some cooler names than "Draconic Pantheon" would be appreciated, basically it's a bunch of dragon Daimons with a lot of knowledge) who are going to have a big part in the start of the War of Final Annihilation (summary: God seemingly stops acting on His own initiative and suddenly angels and demons begin battle on the earth, with various mundane groups and most likely gods/daimons getting involved) and in deciding who has what advantages, via their actions. Note the "precursor" bit; it's setup for our next, main saga where they'll be playing regular magi during the main part of the war itself. (Yes, regular. These current magi are an experiment in applying the Mythic rules to magi that are supposed to be overpowered; we'll see if it's adequate, I guess.) However, they think it would be cool if their current characters were somehow immortalized and played a role in the war (and potentially world) at large after they've left the center spotlight.

This is obviously not something I can truly do when we've only just started, but I wanted to start brainstorming ideas for how this immortalizing can work. Of important note, and as I'll describe more deeply as I talk about each character and their player's general goals, said immortalizing might (heck, should) be variously literal or figurative from person to person.

There's one player, the one I mentioned having worked with me on a plot outline, who I pretty much have already worked out the immortalizing for, and it will be in the literal sense. She's playing a Bjornaer named Ordra with, among other things, the Dark Secret Flaw from being a Hermetic shapeshifter, using spells to turn into a variety of animals. (Also, I love how that's such a relatively mundane thing for an entire House to get worked up over, it makes the house of animals feel so human.) However, she has an even more surprising character goal... Namely, preserving the ancient powers and sustaining (or recreating) their cults. Her gift from the Draconic Pantheon is an empowered Inner Heartbeast; along with general benefits to the Inner Heartbeast and a decrease to the Ease Factors of altering the Inner Heartbeast with scripts, her Inner Heartbeast will also develop draconic abilities over time. She will become immortal via apotheosis, probably joining the Draconic Pantheon, but that depends on how she feels about everything when we get that far. I don't need a lot of help with this one, but if anything I said gave you ideas to bounce around, do share.

The others aren't quite as easy, as they don't like planning things out as much, but I've gotten helpful bits.

One character, Vertrue, is a Criamon maga who was originally trained by Nottu ex Tytalus but who got shifted to another parens (a Criamon one, obviously) after Nottu's death. However, he was obsessed with Vertrue due to seeing her as his chance for power, so when he died, he formed a ghost, which bound itself inside her. (It's an unusual thing for a ghost to do, but the player is absolutely fanatic about the idea, and I think it's pretty interesting, so we're going with it.) Also of note is she's somewhat insane as a result of his presence (he's not a very pleasant person to share one's body with, apparently). Her gift from the Draconic Pantheon is Bodily Enchantment, which is basically Inscription on the Soul and Consummate Talisman combined, except she can also enchant other people's bodies (though she can only have herself as her Talisman) and it's always a bodily enchantment (just in case that's ever relevant). She's also expressed interest in joining a Mystery Cult (as opposed to just following her Mystery House, smh), but unlike Wenda's player, she wants me to surprise her with what that will entail and what sorts of abilities she'll be Initiated into. Her character's general goal is to enchant perfect soldiers for the covenant, so she's got high Creo, Muto, Corpus, and Vim scores... Therefore I'm thinking she's probably best suited to a cult of alchemy with splashes of theurgy and astrology, but if you guys have some better ideas, I'm all ears. If the alchemy seems like a good idea, that might lead itself to the Greater Elixir, or depending on the dice she might go the Transformed (Being) route after a Twilight episode. Alternatively, I might find some way to blend House progression with Cult progression is some sort of strange sub-cult madness, but that seems like it would totally take over the character concept. This is a brainstorm at this point, so kick ideas my way. Even if they're ridiculous.

(The above is also the character I need help with for the possession mechanics. Vertrue has plenty of Virtues to burn, so my thought was the Spiritual Pact Major Virtue could represent that he'd sometimes lend aid, or perhaps have it forced out of him, but then she'd also have either a Major or Minor Malediction regarding his occasional attempts to possess her, and she'll take some other Flaws representative of his insanity-causing, distracting presence. How would I do mechanics for the attempted possession stuff in particular, though? Like, maybe make some kind of opposed check? Though I wouldn't know what skills to have them use... As always, kick any ideas my way, please and thank you.)

Maylene is a Verditius maga. She's got Strong Dwarven Blood and a Legacy and everything... She's pretty much only half-human, is the idea. Her concept is the least complex of the magi: snarky generalist Verditius everycrafter and dual-sword fighter. Her gift from the Draconic Pantheon is Dragoncraft, an Ability with a host of magic item crafting benefits. Its most major benefit is that it can be used as any and every Craft ability, though she can't acquire experience in it from things that give experience to individual Crafts abilities. It also lets her pull a property out of an item she crafts herself, similarly to the Items of Quality Virtue, during the same season she enchants it without an increase in the vis cost. She'll be pretty easy to please on the immortalizing thing; I might go all the way and make her a spirit of crafting or something, but most likely, her form of immortality will be the legacy of some super awesome items made in life.

Tragak is a Mercere magus. He focuses on controlling and channeling magic in its most raw form, and he's also the generally helpful sort, so ReVi specialization with some Te is where it's at. His gift from the draconic pantheon is that he was fused with a metal statue Automaton, which will develop Powers over time, can be enchanted, and which can be repaired in the regular way. I can't really think of many good ways to immortalize him... On the literal side, the idea gave me is that he might fuse his two forms into one, becoming an immortal being of Magic with Might. He particular thinks he could continue being helpful as a "conduit of power," being the guy you go to for handling excessively dangerous magical power. On the more figurative side, he's liking the idea of improving travel and communication for the Order for the war (part of the reason he's giving attention to Terram is that he intends to work his way up to Hermes' Portal) so maybe if he could get a Breakthrough for partial or full integration of Hermes' Portal, I could suggest he immortalize himself by constructing a sort of magical crossroads for easier travel. Seems a little stretchy, though. I definitely need thoughts on this one.

Greger is a Flambeau magus. He focuses on leadership and enhancing nonmagical combat with magic, and is himself outfitted much like a knight. He considers magi the equivalent of nobility, and is deathly serious about maintenance of the "proper social order" and the honor and responsibility inherent with being in any particular position. His gift from the draconic pantheon is empowered combat leadership, getting and giving a lot of bonuses when fighting in a group or commanding an army (in both cases a bunch of buffs are handed around, mostly of the defensive variety, while leading a trained group has the additional benefit of adding the group combat bonus to the vanguard's attack and defense simultaneously). He would prefer a figurative and largely indirect form of immortalizing, like a magic statue or song dedicated to him and his accomplishments that helps people with leading in combat; if anybody has especially creative ways to go about this, I'd love to hear them, because I'm not great at this sort of thing.

Last but certainly not least, Anora is a Trianoma maga. (Okay, technically it's House Bonisagus, Trianoma division, but it's just easier to say Trianoma.) She's focused on ReMe, controlling emotions or other intelligent beings in general and forcing her will into places it's generally not wanted. Her gift is a particularly broad Mentem focus of "Will," as in every spell that does anything to her own will or others. This is a rather significant chunk of Mentem in general, particularly most of ReMe. She has a lot more political clout than the other magi, having significant connections in both the Order and the mundane world. (The former are pretty much the only reason she gets away with the latter.) She's also the only one of these magi with any appreciable amount of devotion to God, and she's generally a regal, manipulative person. (The character, not the player, in case that needs clarifying. :stuck_out_tongue: ) I... Really have no idea at all how to immortalize her. She hasn't expressed much interest in becoming something, like a spirit, or pursuing any goals that lend themselves toward this... She's expressed great interest in putting pieces of her mind in things, though, so maybe if I give her some interesting options for that? Hm... Yeah, I'm mostly lost on this one. Help!

That's all of them. I appreciate whatever advice, bounce-off-thoughts, questions, etc. you guys have. I'm gonna need it... These'll be an intense couple of sagas.

For your Verditius, I've been working on an immortality path that involves actually becoming a magic item (think somewhat like an automata, possessed by the spirit of the mage, using a modified version of the route of becoming your own talisman). Perhaps this is an idea you can modify?

Perhaps, but since we already have an Automata-involved character in the form of Tragak, it'd feel slightly repetitive. Still, I'm open to seeing what you've got so far.

Possibly the Cult of Heroes - seems pretty good to make perfect soldiers.

Becoming a full-fledge faerie, cognisant, is a way to achieve immortality as well.

Possibly some part of his body and his equipment are becoming some form of relic for soldiers and warriors. Rule-wise, this can be handled as items of virtue, granting various appropriate bonus. Some of them might grant the possibility to summon his spirit to have him possess the body of a warrior which will have his skills set for the duration of the possession (as a downside, the possessed guys enters Twilight).

As such, she should not seek immortality as it will deprived her from entering heaven and overall will probably fall under the sin of pride.
However, if she is behaving "saintly" (which might be a challenge considering her personality), she could become a saint, possibly by the side of saint Nerius.

with this power level, anyone could become a legendary artist, especially if one of your draconic pantheon members (Ouroboros Society? Drakon Lords? Council of Wyrms... oh wait, that's taken...)acts as muse.

"art" in this context could be legendary crafting for the Verditius or Criamon (crafting legendary people), but could easily be performance art such as swordplay or even generalship for the Flambeau.

Art can be a side effect of their "schtick", or it could be what they turn to distract themselves from the war. Regardless, with a Hermetic lifespan available, it shouldn't be too hard to get legendary status if you work towards that.

Oh, interesting thoughts. That requires getting to an Artistic Reputation of 11, though, which sounds... Intense, especially for characters not focused on artistry.

Sounds like a pretty awesome possibility for the Verditius Maylene. The mechanics don't really mesh with the Criamon doing it, since she won't have a significant Craft or Profession Ability to calculate her stats for. I don't know about the Flambeau... Swordplay and generalship can be portrayed artfully, but their usage itself isn't generally artistic, and anyway that seems like too direct of immortalizing for the player.

You're right, and I think this is an interesting possibility for Maylene. It also makes Ezechiel's idea easy to implement, since the usual methods of becoming a Faerie aren't things I think she'd pursue, but getting recognition for her work is something she'd be proud of and perhaps even work towards.

I'm afraid I don't follow. According to what I'm reading, the Cult of Heroes is about finding pre-existing awesome people and raising them properly, not making unawesome people more awesome (or at least useful).

This seems like it might be cool to pursue, particularly by way of becoming a Legendary Artist, as mentioned above.

Ooooh. This is creative, I like it! I'll see what the player thinks of this one.

Yeah, I don't know if she'll be able to make the jump from Pious to True Faith, but if it happens, Sainthood becomes an interesting possibility. Of course, this is also what the figurative forms of immortality help with; she might well go to Heaven herself, while something about her or her accomplishments still lives on in a big way. Still, this one is pretty tricky...

Thank you all for your suggestions so far, guys!

Hmmmm. God, influence and dragons/serpents. Maybe there's something to do with Saint George and/or Saint Patrick that's applicable? There's some indication of a link between serpents and druids in the Saint Patrick according to Wikipedia (for whatever that's worth), so if the Diedne get involved...

Does she have the Ability Art of Memory? Memorizing multiple high quality texts with the AoM spells (maybe she gets an ability that gives some free vis for this?) and then embedding parts of her mind in the Great Library to become some sort of library wide florilegia bonus/genus locus (that just happens to subtly influence anybody who studies from it...). Trianoma empowered the aura of Durenmar and became a ghost according to the story seed in HoH:TL on page 8, maybe your maga will have more impact.

Also, as a general thing - The blood of Ladon in Ancient Magic might make for a powerful dragon related transformative agent for the characters, instead of a deadly cancerous killer.