breaking the Limit of Time

Has anyone used the (Anglosaxon) wizard Catweazle, from the 1970s TV show of the same name?

I'll confess, I've never heard of either one. Was that Australian, British, or what?

British TV, but I saw Catweazle - Wikipedia in Australia, And read the novelisations from my school library.
It was a kid's show, but Catweazle and his familiar Touchwood, came from the 11th century, and tried to make sense of 20th century "elec trickery" and "telling bones".

I should point out that IMS I have also accepted a Mythic Bloodline from a character found only in a late Arthurian /Grail tale, that of the mighty enchater Tim.

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I used him sometimes as an druid-like weird npc, but not muched - unlucky my players are far too young, they don't recognize him.

But I liked the series as a kid ...

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