By-the-book archmagus

I'm looking into what an archmagus looks like in ArM5. Of course, that depends heavily on age. Based on an analysis of aging I figure an age of 145 is reasonable. The same analysis indicates said magus probably spent 15 years in Twilight, so we really have 130 active years.
I'm looking at a specialist, as this is part of attempting to understand the high-level limit of ars magica.

I shall hence assume that the magus begins at age 25 with Magic Theory 5 (75 XP), Creo 10 (55 XP), Corpus 10 (55 XP), Parma Magica 1 (free 5 XP), and an assortment of other spells, Abilities and Arts.
That leaves the magus some 105 years after gauntlet.

To gain an Art score of 40 requires 820 XP. At 30 XP/year, this amounts to 25.5 years (considering the 55 XP already there at age 25). So to bring both Art scores to 40 requires 51 years, leaving us with 54 years.

A Magic Theory score of 11 means 330 XP, i.e. one needs 255 XP. At 30 XP/year, that is 8.5 years. Leaving us with 45.5 years.

To bring Parma to 5 requires 75 XP (i.e. +70 XP), so 2.33 years go right there.

We are left with 43.17 years (1295 XP) to spend on other Arts or Abilities, or to revoke in favor of spells, mysteries, waste idly, and so on.

A 145 year old magus is scary.

He is scary yes... but I generly disagree with the 30 points per year, perhaps my saga is a bit overpoverd, but my magi at age 30-40 gain far more exp: when then invent spells/invest items a season, learning from 2 books and a teacher they mostly get 50-80 exp per year.
A example could be 25 from a spell (learing from a labtext), 10 from one book, 8 from the other book, 2 exposure exp from spelllearbning and 15 from a teacher for 60 exp per year, and this is without affinitys, study bonuses, good teachers or exeptional books with 15 Quality. A Magus with very good resources (aka an archmage) could get 50 from a spell, 30 from two books and 20 from a very good teacher for a 100 exp per year.
So if invent archmages I take a 60 points per year so you could say the powerniveau of my saga is a bit higher but closer to the rules.

Well, I think most sagas will see a faster rate of increase, yes. But I tend to see this as "PCs are special", PC magi are just good for their age. Although I never played at such heights, I would imagine XP gain to slow down at those levels as well - you spend a lot of time doing politics, original research, arranging trade trasnactions to gain access to more tractatus, chasing down mysteries or Ancient Ones, increasing his Forest Lore by Practice, and so on.

For an NPC archmagus I think 30 XP/year is reasonable, although I admit increasing the XP gain speed may make sense.
The situation is not as bad as it was in 3e, where the PC magi so quickly gained power that the power of older magi was nonsensical.

My longest-lasting ArM5 maga is 37 seasons old (age 34). During this time I believe she accumulated 413 XP (including spell levels, not counting some magic items), for ~45 XP/year.

Going by the book it is 30 XP per year after apprenticeship with a default aura of +3, and once they hit 35 typically gain 2 Warping points per year. In Guardians of the Forest they have an Archmagus (Phillipus Niger) of House Flambeau who is about 120 and is a true combat monster with tons of high powered spells and a few amazing enchanted items.

I created 2 magi that are in their early 100s, 1 is 109 and the other is 117, neither is an arch magus but could possibly become one if they tried. These were created by the book and you can find one of them at

It's in the Camera Mysteriorum, Shiviniya (109) is the one I'm talking about the other (Umbrus) isn't posted yet. Magister Roderick is 97 or so, but not close to an Archwizard. Shiviniya could give you an idea of a combat oriented older magus and what they can do.

Yes, Shiviniya is fairly scary! - and an interesting look at what a Strife Criamon can do. Don't suppose you did the working on an Excel sheet and could post it?


Glad you liked him, you should see Umbrus, who was a bit more experimental.

I did the work on MS Word. I'd rather only keep him posted in one place so my players have less exposure to him. Feel free to copy him from that site though.

Gcipher did one up on the old forums. Theis fellow is only 100 years old and has had far less time than the 145 year old chaps you folks have been discussing

Here's the link ... &msg=569.1

Wow, thanks for bringing that back. I remember spending hours working on that.

At the Sanctum Hermeticum site the last one I made should be posted any time now. This is Umbrus (Stephon the Sulfurous) of House Flambeau. He could definitely be a candidate for Archwizard I think, or at least has power up there with them.

Soon I'll be working on making a powerful non Hermetic Infernalist now that I've finished the Infernal book.