C&G Question about crafting and time/amount

IDHMBWM, in fact I don't have this book at all. I'm waiting impatiently for my regular supplier to restock it, because it is a must have HMHO.
Does someone have C&G on hand?

IIRC there is a page listing the amounts of various items which can be crafted in a season, and this is for an ability score of 4, right? And then you scale up or down, depending on your own score, like x1,5 for a score of 6? How many weapons, like swords, can you make in a season? Other weapons? How much metal armour?

What about item qualities? High ability scores make better items, but do you still make th same amount, or does quality take more time, rather than just higher skill? E.g. the smith has Craft:Smith 6 and Str +3, for a total of 9, so he can make Excellent swords, giving a +1 bonus for a single activity with it. But does he still make [x] swords in a season. His rival - who only has Craft 4 and Str +1 - can only make Good (is that the term? for basic, ordinary items?) swords, with no bonus. But does the rival make the same amount?

I believe if you have Touched by [Realm], and can make Wondrous items, you only make one per season, and might even have to spend several season on it. Right?

I will check the book tonight to give you some rtough numbers and the exact page. I warn you though: making longswords and suits or armor is time-consuming. :wink:

Correct in the number of wonderous items per season. It is also worth noticing that the item needs to be AT LEAST superior quality before it can be "enchanted" in such a way.


Thanks. I hope to soon get my own copy.

Oh yeah, you need to spend one season making a Superior item, before it can be made Wondrous. But if you're good enough to make Wondrous, you should be able to also make Superior, even though Wondround items get Aura added to craft total. It takes time, and that's good.