Calebais: The Diadems lost Text

Someone know how to complete the text in the box on page 78 of Calebais regarding the Personality Flaw?
Can I translate all my future post in my language or is someone offended?
Thanks to all!

[size=75]Qualcuno sa come completare il testo nel riquadro a pagina 78 di Calebais riguardante il difetto di Personalità ?
Posso tradurre tutti i miei post futuri nella mia lingua o qualcuno si offende?
Grazie a tutti!

Well - very nice spotted! I dont think they actually inteded to include more in the box, but that it's a typo - having accidently pressed shift to get (:slight_smile: instead of (.). The personality flaw from the warping is for you to decide.

If you have other doubts about Calebais you might find the answers in the errata at this page: (I've sadly already made and given out handouts with all the insciptions so no chance to correct the latin for me)

No - I personally wouldn't be offended if your ad an Italian translation to your posts! But ouf curiousity - is it for you own troupe or other Italians lurking un the forum?


(who in less than two hours is going to continue his troupes reintrance into Calebais - though I've modified the story, not the dungeon, to suit some larger plotlines of our saga)

I translate to Italian for others Italian and for my ows sake (I'm from the Roman Tribunal, and so I post in the Language used by the mundanes of that area...)

And for the Flaw, i noted that most of the ghost of the magi have Proud, Megalomanical or similar Personality Traits. May be this an inherent Flaw of the Diadems?

Ho tradotto in Italiano per gli altri italiano e per il mio piacere (sono dal Tribunale Romano, e quindi scrivo nel linguaggio usato dai mondani di quell'area).

E per il Difetto, ho notato che i fantasmi dei Magi hanno Orgoglioso, Megalomane o alri Tratti della Personalità simili. Può ciò essere un difetto legato ai Diademi? [/i][/size]

lol, as do I - we're playing in England! Though I'm not certain that writing in vernacular was so common or whether the language haven't changed a lot.

But I think it's great if you want to do the extra work of writing in two languages. For the rest of it is at least a nice spicy reminder how far across the globe Ars has spread.

It is certainly a thing I've emphasised in our version of Calebais (even if I stressed the apparent feeling of invulnerability due to the Veil of Mormulus, the diadems might have played a subtle role as well...) - and very much in thread with the metaplot adjustments I made to fit it into our saga. Or maybe flaws related to either perception or death? - as this is some of the most important effects of the diadems.