Can a being of Might voluntarily lower its magic resistance?

I'm surprised and embarassed, but this issue has not cropped up in my games for long enough that not only I forgot what the rules say, but also I've forgotten just where I should look for an answer. Can you help me and point me to a reference?

A craftsman Touched by Faerie (see C&G) has created a Wondrous Item, which has penetration 0. He wants to use on a faerie of Might 20, who is more than willing to allow it (basically, he has created a comb that will make her look human -- think the Little Mermaid). Can the faerie voluntarily lower her resistance to let the effect through?

And assuming the answer is yes, what happens if she raises back her resistance while the effect is still ongoing -- is it dispelled/blocked/nullified or, once "through", it will remain active?

You should not be embarrassed at all: I for one do not know the answer. Unfortunately I suspect the answer is it is not possible, but others may well know more. Parma one can of course suppress - but I am not aware that Might can be. Then again I think it must be possible, or some Faerie powers at touch range can not be used on the faerie. I look forward to learning the answer though!

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Speculation based on context of how it is described in the main rules suggests no.
Suppressing Parma also lowers Form resistance. It is mentioned under the Parma Magica section and not the Magicm Resistance section. So is suppressing Parma what allows a magus to suppress magic resistance? I think yes. I alsoseem to recall, but can't find now, mention of hedge wizards being unable to be healed because of their form bonuses.

Faeries don't need to balance, so just give her a Minor Virtue which allows it.

NB: Faeries can change their virtues when it doesn't break their stories.

I think you'll find cases where it is thematically appropriate to allow it. For instance, acts of trust, friendship, submission, or surrender. And when you encounter one of those cases, give the beastie whatever free Virtue you decide it needs to allow it to lower its magic resistance towards a specific individual or effect.

I assume they can. Magical (or faerie) beings should be able to take part in magic even moreso than mundanes, so barring them from, say, benefiting from the potion labled "drink me" is silly.

Then again, I always also assume that Form resistance can be lowered at will too. If Form resistance is meant to represent a magus's deep understanding of that underlying Form, it makes no sense to me that he has no control over it.

I've always played it (run it) that they can't - but I have to admit that what you say makes sense.

Hmm, well, in this case, the craftsman is the NPC and the faerie is the PC.
It's not a big deal if it does not work. The faerie could just tell the craftsman that if he withholds his True Love, the comb will not work -- forcing him to embark in a quest that will eventually reforge the faerie into a version of itself with the power to take human form, activated by the comb. But I was curious about how it should be ruleswise. I'm pretty sure that in previous editions magic resistance derived from Might could be lowered at will, but I could see how it would make sense to take the opposite stance as well.