Can another magus instill effects in your talisman?

If the Talisman was created using the RAW, i.a. invested with vis by oneself and not have any effects already instilled before Talisman attunement, that wasn't made by the owner or assisted by him - does the owner need to instill effects into it himself or can he outsource?

I don't see anything in the ruled prohibiting it, but from there and to claim it is allowed and perfectly edible is quite a leap. Does anyone have any insight og suggestions to this?

Will it sweeten the deal if the owner works as assistant in the proces? This seems to be ok in the situation where an item already as effects put into it before being attuned as a talisman?

As I see it, it should be legal and ok. Supposing the owner of the talisman trusts the magus he outsources it to...

If not, no biggie I can just have the outsourced magus do it with my assistance before attuning it . But the downside is I might remember an effect I wanted in it after this. Of course I can always just do it myself. Find a Lab Text even? Unless my item is so exotic and elaborate that nobody else had made such a thing before. Which might be the case.

if someone else has worked on an item before you cannot attune it.
Doesn't say anything about after attunement that I can find though.

I thought you had to do it yourself, though you could have assistants. I'll have to wait for the end of the day to get a hold of my books, though.


You can outsource the job. It requires a lot of trust though. Remember that once attuned your talisman is part of you, and Per Range effects originating from it can affect you entirely bypassing your magic resistance.

Also, given how much a Talisman is a symbol of a magus' power, I'd tend to think that outsourcing the job carries very strong social penalties. I think it would be perceived somewhat like asking someone else to ... satisfy your spouse. Saying something like "Well, but you've got to hire the best man for the job!" will only get you laughed at more.

Yes, I was correct. By RAW you cannot have someone else enchant it:


There it is, very clear - why on earth didn't I find this? I think maybe I only read the first column.