Can Faeries have (non-physical) characteristics at 6+?

The subject says it all. Clearly a Faerie Giant can have a pretty high strength, and a faerie mouse a pretty high Quickness. But can faeries exceed the +-5 range in Intelligence, Perception, Communication and Presence? Magical beings certainly can, and Divine/Infernal ones of sufficiently high "rank" also can. But Faeries? Not a single example in the Faeries book does -- save Gorgons, that derive an "effective" Perception of +6 from a specific power giving them dozens of eyes looking in all directions (so in some sense this is a "physical" +6).

Why not?

If the creature's role requires it be extremely clever, or communicative, or whatever, then you make it so. What purpose would such a limit serve?


Yay for faerie familiars with Intelligence 6+. :wink:

The canonical answer would seem to be yes. The example you pointed out speaks to this. Plus there are Size 0 beings with Str +6, so +5 doesn't seem to be a cap for faeries. There is no specific mechanic for it, unlike with RoP:M. I would recommend a Major Virtue like in RoP:M for consistency. Otherwise do it as a constant power as in that example.


I don't know that I'd worry about it unless you were designing the faerie for player character. Faeries just get what they need to fulfill their role, unless I'm missing something from RoP:F. I'll have to pull it and read again, but I think if you need something to be represented mechanically as part of the faerie's Essential Nature, then there's a need to make it a virtue. But if that's an aspect of the faerie which can change, then making it a virtue might not be the way to go.


It is for a player character...

That changes everything, then.

Then I'd say you're limited to what you can design, as appropriate for the theme of the faerie, and discuss any big increases that over-consume your Virtues with the troupe.


Per RAW, no. Where did you find the other Realms could increase past +5?

  • Improved (Characteristic) from RoP:M p38-9.
  • Golem companion in RoP:D p142.
  • Maybe Ablating in RoP:I p116.
  • I don't think playing a Might 60 creature is believable for a player.

In RoP:F, the only player-accessible increase is Faerie Blood, can add a +1 bonus to a Characteristic, but to no more than +4, and that's with Faerie Legacy (one of the most useless Virtues, if not the most.) There are no other faerie-specific Virtues that boost Characteristics.

No, this is not exactly true. It is quite clear that the Power called Dozens of Eyes is present. It is purchasable as a Personal Power (x2?). Start with Per +5 and you end up with Per +6. Personal Power is certainly a player-accessible Virtue for faerie PCs, and it can even be purchased by mortal PCs with faerie blood (if the storyguide permits, which is always the case).


Ok, I missed that completely. Gift of Reason is CrMe35 for +0, +6 would be CrMe65. That'd be a Personal Power (x4) for free activation. More costly than a Major Virtue.

RoP:F has it cost much less than that, but it's unclear exactly how much.


Unfortunately, the Hermetic Creo guidelines explicitly say that the maximum is +5, i.e. the "natural" maximum that a human can have (for animals, the maximum is +5 points over the average of the species). And indeed, +5 is a sort of "threshold" that even for magical creatures signals the transition from 1 minor quality / characteristic point to 1 major quality /characteristic point.

Oh, the Gorgon also has a Pre +6 variant. Again the rules are vague on how this happens. But this is another case of a faerie beyond +5 outside of Str/Qik.


Well, yes and no, it's still the Gorgon. Plus, the motivation give is that it's a very beautiful Gorgon, so again, it's something that can be put in the "physical" domain... I'm looking for Faeries who are e.g. supernaturally smart (Int+6), or convincing (Com+6).