Can I see your Necromancers?

Ah yes! True :slight_smile: Didn't see the "ritual" in there :slight_smile:



This has been a great thread to read. Thanks to everyone who posted.

I've always liked necromancer magi. The first magus I ever created, back in the 2nd edition days, was a necromancer. I had a ton of fun playing him in my brother's saga.

One thing I noticed reading about medieval necromancy was the important goal of divining the future. The necromancer summons a ghost to ask it about hidden knowledge, facts either obscured by time (future events) or mystery (lack of evidence or knowledge known to another person instead of the necromancer). I've always wanted my ArM5 PC necromancer to ultimately gain spells/powers that let him see into the future. Divination is extremely hard to do in a game session, but I think the authors of The Mysteries Revised Edition did an admirable job of making Hermetic Divination work. So what I've done is start my PC necromancer similar to those already mentioned - with an emphasis on ghosts over walking corpses but that is just my preference - and then move to learning the Major Mystery Virtue: Divination. To me it just feels very medieval. As an aside, most of my PC magi also take the Ability: Art of Memory, because that too feels very, very medieval.

And just for the record, all of my necromancers (I've run three, I think) have been from House Bonisagus. Actually, most of the PC magi I create are from House Bonisagus. However, my most recent magus is a Merinita magus, which I'm luckily playing in Andrew Gronosky's saga, and I'm keen to explore the ins and outs of that House in the near future.

Matt Ryan

Hm, after reading a tale in "A Feast for Crows", I'm wondering about a spell to trap a ghost in it's skull, after which point the skull could speak and perhaps be used for its knowledge. The image in the book was of many nooks in an old castle filled with the skulls of

A ritual I assume. When I get back to my books, mayhap I will write it up...

See Realms of Power: the Infernal or The Mysteries: Revised Edition.

Its an effect for either "Binding" (a Goetic art) or Spirit binding (a Magic Mystery)

Not necessarily a ritual, but it may require an enchanted item with vis.

Also see HoH: TL p. 140 Voces from Hollow Spaces. It's not exactly what you're looking for, but neither is binding, however much I want it to be :frowning: