Can item effects be affected by Muto Vim spells?

Title pretty much says it all. Assume I have a Pilum of Fire in a wand and want to increase it's Range to Sight through use of a Wizard's Reach (Ignem) spell - will that work?

My assumption would be yes, but I think there might be differing opinions on this, so I'm putting it out there for discussion.

It depends on how you want to do it. If you do it personally, I would say you must fast cast the MuVi spell since it's hard to coordinate with an item even if you can coordinate with the one wielding it. (Others might say coordinating with the wielder is sufficient.) If the MuVi is from an item, is must be built into the same item with this express purpose according to ArM5.

Sure. I'd rule that you affect it just like you would a pillum cast by someone else - as stated above, it might be difficult to "coordinate" with an item, but I'd rule that has to do with more "OK, on the count of thee I'll cast, then you cast, OK?" rather than anything more complex.

And, of course, if you have a Great Talisman, you can use a MuVi effect on a number of things.

I personally use such item to Maintain the concentration for me, with Maintaining the demanding spell. Since it affects a spell which is already cast, I don't have issue with the timing, as it is pretty straightforward, and unless being in a very stressful situation, the GM does not require from me a Concentration test to activate the item.

A smart way to make the casting of Wizard's Reach easier could be to link it to a simple trigger word (with the +3 trigger link on the enchantment), a InIm spell working permanently to detect such trigger word (a low magnitude InIm base 1: use one sense at a distance with a range of Voice (+2); sun (+2) = 5 +3 environmental trigger to keep it permanent: "Listening to the Command of the Master").
The way it works would be:

  1. Listening to the Command of the Master (LCM for short) is always in effect - no need to trigger anything
  2. You cast the spell (PoF) you want to expand the reach, ending the casting with the trigger word
  3. LCM detect the word and immediately cast Wizard's Reach.

I know that there is debate if the Reach need to be cast before or immediately after the spell, so here is an alternative proposal: if it needs to happen at the exact same time of the casting, you can make LCM link to a move of the magi that he could easily slip in his casting - blinking three times, twisting his nose (at worse, he will have to take a -5 for casting without gesture since he will be doing some different movements).
As long as the trigger sequence is not to complicate, it should not require a Concentration roll, or only a simple one and both spell would be synchronised.

Not terribly relevant in the context of Muto Vim, is it?

.. except devices can only use MuVi effects on their own effects (MuVi box, ArM5, p. 159), unless it is a Talisman, and the creator has the Consumate Talisman major virtue (TMRE, p. 90).
In general, your device cannot cast MuVi effects on your spells.

... see above why this won't work.