Can items multitask?

If I have an invested item that contains several spells with a shared trigger, can I activate all of them at once? Can these effects influence each other: e.g. One spell creates a bunny and the other one turns its fur pink?

I would probably say yes, then one of my players would scream and I would try to compromise by saying you also need a Linked Trigger.

As long as each one is triggered at the same instant, and thus can fulfil it's action in that same moment.

So, I'd personally say no, you can't have an item that makes a bunny then turns it's fur pink using the same trigger, because the bunny isn't there to be targeted when you trigger the spell initially.

But using the same trigger to launch a jet of oil and create fire at the spot the oil appears is valid, since both are targeting a point in space, the fact the oil ignites is simply a natural side effect of exposing oil to fire.

YSMV of course

Just add a linked trigger (ArM5, page 99) to the Muto Pink effect; linked to the activation of the Creo Bunny effect.

From a trigger event, yup. Or from the activation gesture of the item's effects being the same, sure.
Is there an example you've got in mind that could be considered abusive?

My answer to this is no. The spells trigger one per round in a predefined order (decided during manufacture). I'm pretty sure there's examples in MoH (or elsewhere) that illustrate this. Even linked triggers IMS only operate one effect per round. The subsequent effects do not require conscious triggering, but they each take a round.

This might seem unduly harsh, but that's how we play it. It stops a battle-magus activating all 20 buff effects in his talisman in the same round of combat because they've all got the same activation trigger.


I say just require a linked trigger tying each effect together. I like buff combat magi, so the above argument has convinced me :mrgreen:
From my experience, a super mega compound 20 effects buff will rarely occur. But if it ever matters, I may limit the number of linked effects to the creators Magic Theory score at the time the first linked enchantment was invested. But it will probably never matter, unless a player is trying to be abusive or is a munchkin in need of guidance. There are many other red flags for that before ever getting to this point.

I was wondering about combat uses.

Imagine the following:
Effect one downs the parma.
Effect two neutralizes any remaining magic resistance to spell three.
Effect three is a killing spell of your choosing.

I personally believe that a linked trigger is needed here to coordinate the effects.

Second example:
Effect one makes you blind.
Effect two is a PoF.
Effect three turns your tongue into an adder.

In the case of example two, I see no need for a linked trigger.

Example 3:
Effect 1: PoF
Effect 2: PoF
Effect 3: PoF

In this case, I'm totally unsure.If you master and multicast PoF (or if 3 characters simultaneously try to toast you), I think it is assumed that the victim (better word than target) gets hit again and again and again. But if the spell comes from an item, does it result in three attacks? Or one attack that is fierier (more fiery) than a normal PoF? Or is there a limit of one PoF per moment that a character can suffer because hot is hot?
Would using a linked trigger here subtly coordinate and heighten the effect of the effects?

That is sticky. The way would like to see it is...
Effect 1 = Edge of the Razor
Effect 2 = Hardness of Adamite
Effect 3 = Blade of Virulent Flame
...all linked to trigger together when the sword is drawn.

Another, sketchier example is a Hermetic Bag of Holding
Effect 1 through 10 = Shrink Item to fit in bag
Duration Sun, +4 levels Constant, +3 levels Linked Trigger
Items, even if put into the bag one at a time, all have their shinkage expire at the same time and need it renewed at the same time. The idea got rejected from my game (and I am the SG!) because it was one effect being activated multiple times at sunrise/sunset. It was theorized it might pass if the shrink effect were invested several individual multiple times and all linked together, but that was too much to enchant into a simple bag.

The 3x PoF, I don't like though. It is not aesthetically pleasing. But if it is invested three separate times, that is a serious investment of time and vis and enchantment space, and that has my sympathy.

That's also how I see it, and how I like it. I've seen abusive device wizards wanting to activate all at once.

I've played around with multiple effects triggered in one round - and the longer I think about it the gamebreakinger it gets.

My view? Are you doing it because it's the only way that you can mechanically get the results you want?

If yes, then go right ahead - have a chain of effects, one triggering the next.

If on the other other you're doing it because you're building a one-click killing machine, then no, no you can't.

Does that sound subjective? That's because it is.

If you're looking to build cool devices then the rules support that to the full, as would I as the storyguide. But if you're abusing that in order to keep all the actions for your character and reduce the involvement and agency of your fellow players (including the storyguide) then I would have them triggered round by round, as suggested above.

But the linked trigger is in the triggered effect (ArM5, page 99). So, each trigger does only operate one effect per round. It is just that there are several triggers going off at once.

At the very least, the original example proposed "Creo Bunny effect triggers a Muto Pink effect" is not a problem; this is just one trigger set off by one effect.

In what way?

I agree with your general point, that if it is cool then it is fine.

However, even a one-click killing machine (and why is that not cool? :smiley:) just looks like an expensive way of doing things (in terms of vis and expertise). If the Plan is an invested item with 5 simulantously triggered effects, then it is a lot simpler and easier to get the same outcome by having 5 grogs each wielding a single effect enchanted item, which they all activate "on the count of three".

The simple RAW is "no".

"You can use one effect from one item each round." (p 100, col i, bottom)
However, there are some canon examples that contradict that, using linked triggers to cascade effects (iirc, a talisman that changes the caster and also itself - something like that). But there is nothing that suggests that anything like a magical machine gun is possible, where multiple attacks cascade from the first all in one round.

In the larger balance, this makes sense, and for obvious reasons. But I suppose ysmv.

Yes, but the top of that list does say "[These rules apply] unless an effect modification has been made, and specifically states otherwise."

Linked Trigger overrides the rule that only one effect triggers at a time --- that is the point of a Linked Trigger.

The chain effect, for the pink bunny effect, would have to be in two rounds as the second effect targets the first effect.

Until you have the bunny, you can not target it to make it pink.

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