Can Rego break/snap things?

Breaking the same bolder with Rego, you have much less choice. You are limited to the application of raw force. So you could slam another bolder into the one you want to break as hard as possible. You can forcefully squeeze it with magic as hard as possible until it breaks. You can forcefully pull it in every direction as hard as possible until it breaks. If you can figure out where a weak point is, you can apply as much force as possible to that point until it breaks (with a Finesse roll).

That's not actually completely correct. Rego is also used for surgery, as shown on page 60 of Art & Academe. A ReCo effect could be used to precisely sever the spinal cord - and only the spinal cord - at any location on the spine chosen by the magus, without affecting any other part of the body. A Finesse roll would be needed, however, to get it exactly right. A magus could entirely remove a cross-section of spine from across the room from the target, though with any teleportation effect extra magnitudes would be needed for the effect for distance. It's analogous to the difference between using Unseen Porter to bang stones together to knap a flint blade and employing ReTe craft magic to make the same blade.

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