Cannophori Methuselah Bonisagi

Cannophori Methuselah, filius of Archmage Quaesitor Caecilius of House Bonisagus

Characteristics: Int +3 (Cunning), Per +2 (Observant), Pre +3 (Pompous), Com +5 (Prolific Writer), Str ‑3 (Scholarly), Sta +1 (Long‑winded), Dex ‑3 (Stiff), Qik ‑2 (Deliberate)

Size: 0
Age: 52 (34), Height: 160 cm, Weight: 50 kg, Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 2 (2¾)
Confidence: 1 (3)

Virtues and Flaws: The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Minor Magical Focus (aging), Affinity with Creo, Puissant Creo, Affinity with Corpus, Affinity with Magic Theory, Puissant Magic Theory*, Cautious Sorcerer (Bonus: Three fewer botch dice casting spells or in lab), Great Communication × 2, Good Teacher, Book Learner (Book Quality: +3), Blatant Gift (Interactions: ‑6 with normals), Ambitious, Unimaginative Learner (Studying from Raw Vis: ‑3), Enemies (Rival Longevity Researchers)

Personality Traits: Ambitious +3, Careful +3, Status‑Seeking +3

Reputations: Longevity Ritual Author (House Acclaim Bonisagus) 3

Dodge: Init: ‑2, Attack ‑‑, Defense ‑2, Damage ‑‑
Fist: Init: ‑2, Attack ‑3, Defense ‑2, Damage ‑3
Kick: Init: ‑3, Attack ‑3, Defense ‑3, Damage +0
Soak: +1
Fatigue levels: OK, 0, ‑1, ‑3, ‑5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: ‑1 (1‑5), ‑3 (6‑10), ‑5 (11‑15), Incapacitated (16‑20), Dead (21+)

Abilities: Artes Liberales 1 (ritual magic), Awareness 1 (Searching), Bargain 2 (Books), Charm 3 (Magi), Code of Hermes 3 (Grand Tribunal Rulings), Concentration 2 (spell concentration), Etiquette 1 (Magi), Folk Ken 3 (Mother), French 5 (Slang), German 4 (Durenmar Dialect), Guile 3 (Magi), Intrigue 3 (Alliances), Latin 5 (hermetic usage), Leadership 1 (Intimidation), Magic Theory 10+2 (Creo) (1), Organization Lore: Order of Hermes 3 (House Bonisagus), Parma Magica 4 (Mentem), Philosophiae 1 (ritual magic), Teaching 2 (Magic Theory)

Arts: Cr 25+3, In 7, Mu 7, Pe 7, Re 7, An 5, Aq 5, Au 5, Co 25, He 5, Ig 5, Im 5, Me 5, Te 5, Vi 5

Appendix of Mother's Ailments (Tractatus, Topic: Corpus, Quality: 14) (Type: Tractatus; Total Quality: 14; Quality: 14; Topic: Corpus; Language: Latin; Covenant Cost: 14; Subject: A hermetical description of Methuselah's aging Mother's ailments.; Author: Methuselah);

Soothing Mother's Bunions (Tractatus, Topic: Creo, Quality: 14) (Type: Tractatus; Total Quality: 14; Quality: 14; Topic: Creo; Language: Latin; Covenant Cost: 14; Subject: A treatise on the treatment aches and pains in the elderly.; Author: Methuselah);

Longevity Ritual Primer (Tractatus, Topic: Magic Theory, Quality: 14) (Type: Tractatus; Total Quality: 14; Quality: 14; Topic: Magic Theory; Language: Latin; Covenant Cost: 14; Subject: A thorough primer on the creation of longevity rituals; Author: Methuselah);

Eternal Perfection (Tractatus, Topic: Magic Theory, Quality: 14) (Type: Tractatus; Total Quality: 14; Quality: 14; Topic: Magic Theory; Language: Latin; Covenant Cost: 14; Subject: A study of the theoretical requirements of perfection to become immortal.; Author: Methuselah);

Sensing the Mote Beyond the Beam (Tractatus, Topic: Magic Theory, Quality: 14) (Type: Tractatus; Total Quality: 14; Quality: 14; Topic: Magic Theory; Language: Latin; Covenant Cost: 14; Subject: A study on the theory of creating longevity rituals for others.; Author: Methuselah)

Encumbrance: 0 (0)
Spells Known:
Rusted Decay of Ten‑Score Years (PeTe 10) +19, Mastery 1 (multiple casting)
Cheating the Reaper (CrCo 30) +84, Mastery 1 (penetration)
Wizard's Communion (MuVi 20) +14, Mastery 1 (multiple casting)
The Leap of Homecoming (ReCo 35) +34, Mastery 1 (fast casting)
Bane of the Decrepit Body (PeCo 25) +41, Mastery 1 (multiple casting)
Decay Fur and Hide (PeAn 10) +19, Mastery 1 (multiple casting)
The Shadow of Human Life (CrIm(Me) 40) +35, Mastery 1 (multiple casting)
Restoration of the Defiled Body (CrCo 25) +84, Mastery 1 (penetration)
Purification of the Festering Wounds (CrCo 20) +55, Mastery 1 (penetration)
Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh (InCo 10) +34, Mastery 1 (multiple casting)
Whispers Through the Black Gate (InCo(Me) 15) +14, Mastery 1 (penetration)

Pretty focused here. You might find yourself at a loss when you need to something other than Cr Co.

Though I do want to read those tracti.

I believe that Bonisagi should be highly focused. Reputations are built on being the best at some specific aspect of magic, not on being a generalist. Having just finished reading all the other threads, I believe Methuselah fills several gaping holes in the Covenant, most notably Longevity Rituals but he can also summon an army of phantasmal guards that can act independently (albeit stupidly) for a sun duration. I would think an army of apparent ghost warriors would be extremely frightening (the scene from Lord of the Rings comes to mind). I can also multicast Wizards Communion which I believe will add 20x2 levels to the Aegis Ritual.

Over all my approach to issues threatening the covenant would be to make suitable alliances with other magi through bribery (my texts and longevity rituals are likely to be highly valued by magi), charm or intrigue to deal with the threats indirectly. I believe the character has sufficient social skills to achieve this as long as he is dealing with magi (he is only minimally useful with mundanes affected by his blatant gift).

If it comes to combat, he has the ability to destroy armor on several characters at once or can age people to death fairly quickly with a multicast high penetration Bane of the Decrepit Body but his preferrence will be to talk his way out of situations. Finally if the situation becomes too intense, he can always fast cast a Leap away.

I don't see how one could or what benefit would arise from multi-casting Wizard's Communion.

But decent points otherwise.

Sorry, you can't multi-cast Wizard's Communion and double your level. The text of the spell describes what it does, and it counts magi and "the level you know." I suggest it should be written as the level you cast, since you might know multiple versions of the spell, since it is a general spell. Even if you were to cast multiple copies, you are still 1 magus. If two rituals were going on simultaneously, you could certainly aid both rituals with a multicast Wizard's Communion. I don't see a problem with that.

There's been Errata on Muto Vim, and I've brought it up in the saga before. I'd mentioned previously (read about 3 or 4 posts between qcipher and myself), having Wizard's Communion being of Sun duration, subtracting 10 levels (for the increase from Momentary to Sun) from the effective level of the Wizard's Communion cast.

In light of that, I suggest you have Wizard's Communion at 25th level, without mastery. You would have a casting score of 13 + 5 for the Aura of 18. Even without an aura, with a casting score of 13 you can only fail on a botch (and it would be stress for assisting with the Aegis) or a 1 in a non-stress situation. You add 15 levels of power to the pool for doubling the spell's level.

I plan to play my character extremely cautiously in terms of potential twilight (which is likely what will get him in the end). All of his spells are mastered so that with his cautious sorcery virtue he cannot possibly botch unless there are more then 5 botch dice. As such I would like to keep the Wizard's Communion at its current level but change its special ability to Quiet Casting. Is that is ok?

A botch on a Wizard's Communion will not drive him into twilight. There's only one botch die to roll. At most he gains one warping point and one point by itself is not enough to subject him to a twilight event.

If Methuselah's goal is to avoid warping, he should be highly motivated to improve Rego and Vim to the point he can cast the Aegis. 8 (1 + 7 for the vis) botch dice that you don't have control of.

Good point about the Aegis and botch potential!

If Methuselah is accepted into the Covenant then he will likely make that his top priority! He is far too valuable to the Order as a whole to be risking his life on an annual ritual performed by a dilettente Jerbiton or other unqualified practioner.

Methuselah will gladly accept the position of responsiblity to cast the Aegis. He will have to of course negotiate a suitably impressive official title for the role that will need to be defined with specifics roles and responsibilities in the Covenant Charter. Hmm, Defender of the Hearth doesn't seem nearly impressive enough.. now where did I put that thesaurus web link...

Can you turn it down from 11?

I'm going to post this here, instead of in the Letters from Methuselah thread because...well, just seems more appropriate.

This, imo, falls under the category of "Rank hath its privilege." Primi likely get arcane connections to their destination (and, if I'm understanding the precedent cited correctly, it was to Durenmar for Grand Tribunal) because they're Primi, not because everybody gets one. And it's quite likely that it was an Arcane Connection to Durenmar because it's time for Grand Tribunal. At least, that's how I would likely run it in a Grand Tribunal "adventure." "Maga Splendifera, the Redcap arrives from Durenmar with a package for is your Arcane Connection to Durenmar that expires in a season. You do know Leap of the Homecoming, do you not?"

Oh? This is the sixth saga that I've been in (three table-top, three pbp), and in none of them have the covenants that I've been associated with given anybody else an arcane connection to their covenant, or to anything nearby. This is probably a "ysmv" situation.

Lobby away. Different magi have different ideas of what is "seemly." Methusaleh may, for example, feel it beneath him to use the dirty, dusty roads like a lowly mortal. Fiona walked from the Scottish Highlands to Bibracte and slept in barns, farmhouses, and the occasional field, and has no problem dirtying her hands (literally) doing garden-work.

There's not, to my knowledge. Each of our magi chose their own methods of transportation. Frankly, I think it would have been awesome to build a large wooden wagon and cast a really wicked ReHe on it to have it fly there.

Um...isn't that a bit excessive? 20 AC to secret locations? Plus three to your sanctum?

Group-level Leap of the Homecoming bumps it from a 35 to a 45. Methusaleh's Re 7 + Co 25 + Magic Theory 12 + Int 3 + 3 = 50. With storyguide approval, of course. I know I had to tweak one or two of Fiona's spells because of her size.

:laughing: I read that, and I thought: "Oh, yeah, you may be a 47th-degree black belt, but you're still a punk-ass bitch!" (pardon my language).

This, actually, doesn't strike me as that big of a problem...but then, I've never played a Bonisagus and don't approach the game with a "everyone must live up to the ideals of Bonisagus" attitude. Most magi I've played and interacted with don't go out of their way to further magical knowledge in the Order. They focus more on their own knowledge, their own particular flavor of power.

As far as owing his longevity to the work of others: "many...magi hire...magi to devise their Longevity Ritual, as the...higher Lab Total makes the ritual much more effective. It is most common for a magus to pay his parens for this, and in some parts of the Order this is almost an expected custom."

Sooo...if one of Methusaleh's sodales were to approach him regarding a longevity potion, he may well decline if he feels that the magus's continuing existence would serve no benefit to the Order?

Considering Tribunal won't happen for (in-game) another year yet, that's not a big deal. My understanding is that, personal politics not-withstanding, as long as we have the seisein getting recognition is pretty much a rubber-stamp deal. And the sheep raiding won't happen until winter, which is (I think) three seasons after the initial letter exchange. Don't forget the Limit of Time :smiley:

Three-foot chocolate chip bonus cookie, as far as Fiona's concerned.

If you're taking Enemies (Rival Longevity Researchers) as a Major Flaw, instead of, oh, say, some kind of Rival-type Flaw, I would imagine so.

More bonus cookies (from Fiona's pov), although it only looks there's one or two arts that Methuselah knows enough more than Fiona for her to think it's a major factor.


And Fiona would look into the camera and jerk her thumb in their direction, muttering [color=blue]"Boys," in her best Dot Warner voice.

Nothing necessarily wrong with that, as long as it remains fun for everybody.

Victor Sim, you have some incorrect perconceptions. I suggest you disabuse yourself of them and allow the game to unfold as it will. If I do it, it is much more painful.

Your character has a premise that Bonisagus is the most preeminent house. Inertia in social constructs prevents things from changing quickly. In reality the House has been in decline for a while. True Lineages and Guardians of the Forest both suggest this. In this saga, you should presume that is the case. So, while your character may presume that Bonisagus #1, everyone else is thinking "Blowhard!" Since we have such a broad collection of different traditions, you shouldn't expect anyone else to care about your social status within your own House. I'm playing a Bonisagus in another saga, he has desire for House Acclaim, but doesn't presume anyone else in his covenant will give two shakes. Further, he has to moderate his goals with the goals of the covenant he's in. The two may have differing needs, and one has to take precedence over the other, and for the time being the covenant will win, and ultimately it may always win. Although he doesn't have a desire to be Primus, though he knows someone who does.

Don't compete with Apollodorus. You can't. There are two people on these forums, one of whom is in the game (and I expect both to keep this information confidential) knows a bit more about Apollodorus. Also, as an NPC (not someone I intend to play when/if someone BSGs) I've taken some other liberties with him. And, as I told you in our email discussion, Apollodorus has connections. It would be unwise to honk him off. He doesn't and hasn't intefered with any actions a magus has taken. He has made some suggestions, but has never demanded anything. Although he does take a big cut of the mundane proceeds, but not so big a cut that anyone really notices. He has never asked anyone to submit to him.

One thing I did notice about Methuselah's character sheet that I wonder about.

From a couple things you wrote in his letter to Apollodorus, it seems that he is close to his mother ("would of course be bringing my mother"). And, seeing as how he is now 52, she would be at least in her mid-to late-sixties, if not into her seventies (or beyond)...which is pretty freakin' old when you start making Aging Rolls at 35. So, obviously, he made a Longevity Ritual for her.

Given this, and since she would be at the covenant...why isn't she a Dependent? I can see this before I can see the Enemies (Rival Longevity Researchers). Both Major Story Flaws.

Just sayin'

Actually, I discussed the Dependent flaw with him. It means he wants stories involving his mother. He brought the mother along as flavor.

She gets kindapped. Annoys a visiting redcap. Seduces a visiting redcap... Hijinks ensue.

So, he wants all these stories without the Flaw? He'd rather deal with the Medillin branch of the International Brotherhood of Longevity Specialists? shrug His character, I guess.

Wait..."Seduces a visiting redcap"? Oh. God, I did not need that mental image! drowns self in brain-bleach

Thanks for the feedback Peregrine.

The arcane connection thing will not be much of an issue as I will just plan around it by sending grogs or companions in advance of any journey's I wish to take to new places and collecting many arcane connections to various areas where I may wish to eventually return. If it is not common etiquette to have Leap areas near covenants then Methuselah will try to spread his idea arguing the strategic advantages of doing so. It is not a high priority for him however just a personal style preference. He would want to have musicians and honor guards waiting for honored guests so that there can be the proper pomp and circumstance when they Leap to the Covenant.

I suspect in time the Covenant will have a hodge podge of similar eccentricities as each mage customizes areas to their sensitivities. That is half of the fun of having a covenant after all! :slight_smile:

As for the excessive arcane connections to Durenmar that is a clear example of just how extremely careful Methuselah is. Arcane connections can be destroyed or stolen so it behooves Methuselah to have duplicate backups of his redundant systems since losing his ability to return to Durenmar would make him feel very vulnerable. Rightly or wrongly, Methuselah sees potential enemies everywhere all jealous of his genius (at least as he sees it). Given his enemy flaw, I don't think I'm being paranoid enough! :slight_smile:

By secret by the way, I just meant no one else knows that he took the arcane connections from the various mundane areas. The areas themselves are not necessarily secret. Chipping a piece of rock off a boulder by a stream near Durenmar used by the covenfolk to do laundry is perfectly acceptable.

The group-level Leap of Homecoming is a good idea and I will eventually invent one but I was told to start with standard spells and I'm fine with the regular version to start.

Methuselah is meant to be all about Titles and Status. Style over substance. It is the image that came to mind when I was reading the True Lineages on Bonisagus House Acclaim while trolling for a character concept. Mainly the concept came from the line, "Outside the House it has little relevance, inside House Bonisagus, many Bonisagi are obsessive about it, measuring themselves against their fellows by their rank within the House." I've been asked to tone down the obsession a bit so I will as I do not want to interfere with others enjoyment of the game.

The whole snobbery towards Apollodorus aspect is just my interpretation of Bonisagus attitudes towards others based upon descriptions of them being pretentious and such. I'll tone it down going forward. Although I am very wary of powerful NPCs that SGs have an emotional attachment to but Johnathon has done a good job at keeping Apollodorus in the background and only using him to enforce his everyone must rule for a season shtick (which is more for metagame playability).

As for creating longevity potions for fellow covenant members from a metagame perspective yes I intend to do so however expect some in game very hard bargaining. Methuselah's services will not come cheaply however with a longevity lab total of over 100 (compared to those charlatans who think they know how to make an LR just because they can get a 50-60 lab total) you should only have to get it done once! How much is that extra century of life really worth to you? :slight_smile:

As for the books, remember they are all Tractati so it doesn't matter what level your current score is you spend a season studying them and you get 14 XP. Once I get the super specilaized writing lab in place then that quality will be over 20 (I intend to max out the quality to whatever the game rules allow). 5 seasons of studying these books should net the reader approximately 100 XP in those Arts! How is that for a big cookie? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I cannot read my own books so I get nothing from their creation other than reputation! :frowning:

Looks like a cross-post while I wrote my last novel for a posting! :slight_smile:

Actually as a player, I totally agree with your interpretation that Bonisgagus is in decline and that the House is nowhere near as prestigious as they think they are. However the character was meant to come across as a pretentious uptight "Blowhard". (BTW, I am nothing like the character I am trying to portray. It's just meant to be roleplaying but I'm getting the feedback that I am roleplaying the character too much so as I said in my previous emails I will tone it down.) The character brings a lot of virtues to the covenant in terms of scribing books and making awesome longevity potions however those were meant to balanced against equivalent personality flaws and the like. Unfortunately, I tend to over-dramatize characters and make them all extreme examples of sterotypes.

Ah Mother! I did create a longevity potion for Mother unfortunately it was a little late. Mother is a catatonic old lady that Methuselah's obsesses over and tries to please even though she is not even aware of him! On the plus side, obsessing over his aging mother has given Methuselah extreme insights into Aging (minor magical focus aging). On the down side, Mother frequently needs her bunions rubbed and stool samples taken... What Methuselah really needs is an apprentice who can take care of her bowel movements while he pursues more intellectual pursuits. Now who is this young Ulrich you mentioned... :slight_smile:

Reviewing the MetaCreator file, I don't know what your Arts or MT were at the time the LR was created for your mother. Assuming she was 18 (she could've been younger) when you were born, you gauntleted at 22, and she's 40. So, you gave her a LR 12 years later and she was 52 when it was time to do yours (nice son, there). There is some story, not a lot here, need to find out what kind of shape she's in... We can adjust the timing so you created it after you were gauntleted, when I do have something with your Art and Ability scores. Makes no difference to me, just something that needs to be done.

My only goal is to tell a strong story with a very memorable character. Yes, I like the idea of various agencies trying to get my longevity secrets (more so after I have written my masterpieces and word gets out as to the quality of those texts at which point my reputation should soar). I am hoping that after the texts are released that it will unleash a ripple through the entire Order, with many different factions looking to influence me into creating LRs for key individuals while preventing me from doing the same for their rivals or trying to steal my secrets.

Before then, Methuselah will likely be ridiculed and abused for his pretentious attitude, all the while festering a building resentment towards those he feels have slighted him. Every night he will confide to his catatonic mother, "Soon Mother. Soon my masterwork will be complete and then they will see! You will be famous for all eternity Mother as everyone from young apprentices to Archmage alike will want to read the details of your bunions. I shall become a Master, an Archmage maybe even Primus! Then I will make all those who mocked us grovel! I will make you proud Mother!"

Methuselah will also need to secure his quality parchment, perform covenant duties, train Ulrich, specialize his lab and many other obstacles that will slow down his master plan.

At least that is how I envision the character plot going but who knows what curves the SG will throw my way that I need to adapt to. Perhaps Mother dies, and Methuselah binds her ghost and starts a new specialty in Mentem. Who knows where the story will take us. I like the character concept very much as he is deeply twisted, which is my favourite type of character.

Mother is meant to be old, decrepit and catatonic! She is a plot device explaining Methuselah's obsession with aging, not an actual character. Like Fiona's herb garden only more macabre.