canon covenant builds

does anybody know of premade game stats for canon covenants, that would include things like virtues, flaws, library contents, and enchantments?

We have a fan-made Triamore (Rhine) here: Ars Magica
And another version of Triamore here: Ars Magica 5th Edition: A Bonfire of Tradition - Atlas Games RPG Forum

For 5th edition canon ones, you are looking at TtA and the varies Tribunal Books. While there are loads of fan made ones about, they do not meet what you were asking for.

I think he’s asking for anyone who has detailed the any of the covenants mentioned in the Tribunal books which don’t have stats.

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By Virtues and Flaws, you mean covenant ones, as opposed to characters? Or are you looking for canon magi stats as well?

No, just covenants, boons, hooks, libraries, etc.

I have done some work on Pripet Maior from the Novgorod Tribunal

There's Through the Aegis, with five fully detailed covenants. As for efforts to stat out canon, ones I'd really like an in-depth treatment of Harco, Magevillus (sp?) and Castra Solis.

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I don't recall ever seeing official write ups - the covenants are certainly described and one can infer the boons and hooks they have.