Case 11: The Lost Discovery

Her intent may have been pure, but she still took actions that were beyond her authority, a clear breaking of her Oath.

Precedents of this are clear. ALthough we regret this, she should be punished harshly lest other take unto their hands to deprive others of their magical power, "for the good of the Order".

Let her be Marched as an Oathbreaker.

Maria bows her head and accepts the death penalty. She then has a last, quiet conversation with Richard. He passes her a flask which she screws up her courage for and drinks from. She crosses herself, sits down, and eventualls slumps, dead. As her slayer, Richard now inherits all her possessions, as per the rules of a Wizard's March.

Moving now to OOC: I could use some advice. I'm convinced this could be a fascinating Tribunal case--the idea of a Magus uncovering research that could endanger the order. What would be the best way to present this as a hook? The above is as a case brought at Tribunal after someone took action already. Another idea would be if the Bonisagus himself asks for advice from a PC in the group on how to keep things safe. What are your thoughts?