Case 6: The Strange Affair of the Spanish Play

The Praeco's rage it seems goes beyond embarrassment. He has discovered the Praeco's Stave of Office, an important piece of regalia in this Tribunal, is missing! (Well done to Mr. Shades btw who worked out what was going on as regards the overall thrust of the conspiracy!)

cj x

And there we go! A robbery case! Is the Praeco a sympathetic connection we can use to track the stave?

Do the marks we see for ReCo and the like look hermetic in origin?

If not, it looks like faeries wanting to play magi to me more than magi themselves.


They do indeed look Hermetic. And using the Praeco as an Arcane Connection is an excellent idea; technically the stave is an AC to the Tribunal Gathering as well. OK, what spell? :slight_smile:

cj x

Ah, to scry or not to scry...

Of couse there is another option.

CrIg always makes such pretty fireworks...And it's just a way to make it easy to find the stave, by blowing up everything around it. If any thei-ahem I mean anyone happened to be around it, well that is unfortunate. I'm sure we'll be gald to tend to their wounds, if they come forward...

What? It is a surgestion, not affirmative action. I can't remember if it would be against the code to scry on them, and if they stashed the goods rather than stealing them outright...