Case 8: The Case of the Voting Fraud

Your memory is quite faulty in how the Redcap messengers operate. We of House Mercere track Covenants. If these magi were registered at these Covenants then they would get the Tribunal invitation. Most if not all of the invitations are not to each magi at a Covenant as we do not track what has happen to Magi. It is a single message delivered to a Covenant for all the Magi located within. Redcaps keep information about magi who live in Covenants secret if that is their wish. If the magi in question had moved and not opted to tell a Redcap where they where then they did not want a Redcap visit and so they can not be tracked by us.

"If we wish to discuss how to take a cenus of the Magi within the Tribunal, that is a seperate issue. We have discussed and to a certain extent agreed that we need better security to deal with voting fraud. But that is not the issue at hand.

Once again I must ask my follow magi to condem the pettiness of the rivialry between these covenants and punish them for it. They have refused to resolve the conflict between them without the voice of this tribunal and when that failed to provide a clear victory they accused each other of fraud. In leiu of evidance to the contray, we cannot convict them of this crime, individually or together.
But since this matter should have never have been brought to attention in the first place, it doesn't matter. This is a case about vis harvesting rights for crying out loud. They have refused all other means of settling this dispute and have made a mockery of our Tribunal.

As far as I am concerned, they have forfeited whatever rights they had to this vis to the Tribunal and have wasted our time here today."

Barnabus of Bonisagus (a shy 'lab-rat' who only attends Tribunal out of a sense of duty) stands and blinks at the assembled multitude.

"Sodales, it seems to me that there are three issues before us here."

"Firstly, there is the issue of the disputed vote. Here I agree with the majority that have spoken that the matter should not be re-opened on such flimsy and contradictory grounds. The previous vote should stand."

"Secondly, there is the matter of the idiotic rivalry between these two covenants which is good neither for them nor the rest of us. I wish to put forward a resolution to fine them both a nominal amount (one pawn of Vim VIs) as a sign of the Tribunal's displeasure at their bickering and lack of collegiality and to warn them that the fine is going to double with each further offence."

"Thirdly, there is the matter of the lack of certainty on the validity of proxies being used at Tribunal. Here the whole Order has been lax, sodales, but we here in Stonehenge have a chance to set an example and show a solution to every Tribunal. I wish to propose a further resolution: 'That beginning at the next septennial Stonehenge Tribunal no proxy be accepted that is not accompanied by a confirming letter signed and dated after the previous septennial Tribunal in the hand of the magus gifting it and witnessed by another magus than the one to whom it has been gifted.'"

"This will give a means of checking the validity of most, if not all, of the proxies offered at Tribunal and ensure that no party continues to use proxies for years after the death, disappearance or Final Twilight of the magus concerned. Allowing a proxy to cover any emergency Tribunals called also seems prudent."

"You may, some of you doubtless will, dismiss my call for disciplining the two covenants. So be it. But I entreat the Tribunal to act now to fix this so-commonly abused loophole. We are wizards, sodales! Surely, it is not beyond our wisdom to correct this once and for all."