Case 9: A Stranger at Tribunal

This is particularly important since the effects of Frosty Breath of the Frozen Lie may be concealed with Imaginem spells.

OK casting Unravel on "Llewelyn" reveals the middle aged magus Humbert of Caen, a rather jolly member of House Jerbiton. He does not appear to notice anything is wrong however, and states boldly "Now we have established my identity as Primus of House Diedne, can we proceed? After my too long absence i am keen to hear moreof the current state of the Order!"

cj x

Seems we are in front of a deluded magus. Might be caused by an external force or due to a twilight case. I am no proficient in the arts of Vim or mentem, so others would do better than me to check some details here.

I guess that the Flambeaus and (specially) tremeres around relax a bit.

Barely stifling a laugh and clearly enjoying the situation, Helpax continues to question the 'primus'. "Well House Diedne was declared an enemy of the Order and Houses Tremere and Flambeu marched them out of existance. By the way, is there some reason you look like Humbert of Jerbiton?"