Casting an InMe: interest in a pbp saga of a different sort

Actually, what I'm really interested in is developping what happens from his gauntlet until the time he leaves the Rhine tribunal. I simply provided more information to give an idea of what the end-goal is for the character. The part where he moves to Novgorod and work to create the new covenant in my saga would be "post-saga", if you will. So, it would be more convenient for me if it is set in the Rhine based on my concept, but I can always readjust things a bit to relocate the background before finalizing the character as an NPC for my saga.

Thus, what I'm looking for is a 40-50 years stretch from gauntlet. His goals out-of-apprenticeship is improving his Arts and starting his research on portal magic. He actually wants to start things rolling before he learns anything as powerful as Hermes Portal. More like creating portals (shorter range and duration) using only ReTe (like Hermes Portal does). He would basically look for magical effects (texts, sites, etc.) that allow things/people to move between two locations.

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