Casting ReCo teleport spells through an Intagible tunnel

I'm a bit confused of the interaction between Opening the Intagible Tunnel an d the ReCo teleport spells and would wondering if my understanding is correct.

When dealing with teleport spells there are two distances to be concerned with. The first is the distance the target is moving the second is the distance between the target and the caster. When a spell is cast through an Intagible tunnel the only the second distance modifier is reduced to touch.

Thus if the target were on the other side of an Intagible tunnel only the casting range between the caster and target would be reduced to touch range via the intagible tunnel, the base effect of teleporting the target to beside the caster would still be ReCo35

While if the target is beside to the caster, using an Intagible tunnel to the destination would not aid because the casting range between the caster and target is touch already.


Actually the RAW on Seven League Stride, and LoH are Range: Personal.
Seven League Stride is Base 30
LoH is base 35

Now if you changed the Range...Yes you could reach out, through the tunnel and 'teleport' the person touched to you (Resistance)

Actually, Seven League Stride is Sight, or Arcane connection.

I guess it would help you here as long as the spot was within seven leagues, and you were using something to actually SEE the destination through the tunnel...though if you are using the 'Tunnel', you have your AC, so you could use that.

LoH is Arcane connection.

So I guess the answer is "No" it won't help you for LoH.. you have an AC already if you are using the Tunnel.
Use that...