Casting spells on conjured items

Let's say you cast a spell to create a sword out of thin air, without a ritual, it has a Sun duration. What if any effects would something like an Edge of the Razor (or similar Muto or Rego 'Buff') spell later cast on it have? Basically do you think there would be anything but the expected results for the second spell for casting it on a conjured item?

I wouldn't think it would do anything different, but perhaps if there was a botch, the nature of the conjured item would likely have an influence on the botch's results. Ideas?

Of course the level is lower than with one spell that combines both effects. But two spells take longer to cast - so it seems to be balanced. Plus the two spells are two botch rolls and a higher total of levels to learn.

There's lots of uses for such a spell:

  1. Conjure a rain of oil. Then CrIg
  2. Dress the Beast (Conjure clothes for a Bjornaer), followed by Doublet of Impenetrable silk.
  3. Conjure a sun duration poison. Turn it into a diameter duration glass of Merlot. No poison can be found later...
  4. Conjure a Stone wall. Make it invisible. Stick out your tongue at the Magus pursuing you

To your second question, I answer no. But one of the expected results I see is that since you have two spells on the blade, anyone with magic resistance gets the benefit of the lower penetration.

The upside I see is that if you can't make a good enough finesse roll, you'll still get the blade as sharp as any other under the muto spell. Balance and other factors, I don't know.

Sounds good, and that second part about two spells and the target getting the benefit of the lower Penetration is something I hadn't considered, but makes sense.

I'd note, though, that the spell to create the sword in the first place, would be the same level as Edge of the Razor, 20. Base 5 for creating base metal, individual amount of one cubic foot is enough, +1 mag for touch, +2 mag for sun. That being the case, a Creo(Mu)Te spell, level 25 (+1 magnitude for the requisite which gives additional effect) would do everything all at once. Though I could see a few reasons for doing the two separate spells.

True. Level 25 has lower penetration that 2x level 20, though :slight_smile: