Castle *IN* the sea

Not in period, but this is AWESOME as a story hook. ... sIsle.aspx

Behold the castle of Manann emerging from the waters!


<> Many ideas being had...

Very nice find.

Is this the tide or the mighty afirie Fotoshob?

Read the link: :slight_smile: it is an actual "castle" built in the 1800s . Actually it is built on a reef, and acts as a refuge for shipwrecked crew until they can be rescued, but it is cool as hell :slight_smile: Just out of the coast of Mann.

EDIT: Google maps location:
54.150510, -4.468464

We were planning to have our manx covenant in the Calf of Man, but we might change it.... :stuck_out_tongue:


Only £255 to build it, in1832. How's that for inflation?! I wonder how much it would cost today?

Not only inflation, but also PPP. I still remember the days when a Pound was 20 Deutsch Marks (~10 Euros). And I'm not that old :wink: