Cat and raven with might

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For a game in another forum I amb building a Gifted witch: She has a lab total of around 12-13 for Animal Ken, and I was looking what she could bind as a familiar now or in the future.

I recall seeing a crow/raven with Might 9 somewhere (might be 4th edition?) and the same with a Might 8 cat. But I cannot find them. Does anyone remember where those creatures mught be hiding? IIRC the cat had second sight and the crow/raven premonitions. I might have imagined those stats, but I am fairly sure they are around. they are not in ROP:Magic before anyone suggests it.

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The magic cat in covenants is might 10, as is the hound.

Raven of Virtue in Realms of Power: magic.
There is a cat as an example character on the atlas games site, plus there are many rules for magical cat generation in Realms of Power: magic.


So nothing in the Might range (5-9) I was looking for. Thanks all for the info :slight_smile:

You know, building a magical animal for a low might range is extremely easy. Take the base animal, decide if it has intelligence or cunning, and just strap 5-9 points of magical virtues together that fit loosely with the idea you have in mind. For a quick rule of thumb, half the points on powers, half the points on basic statistics (quickness or soak for survivability, perhaps, and maybe a point towards communication and another towards unusual skills if it has intelligence). Both cats and birds have example powers, so it shouldn't take that long to do.


The Raven of Virtue is Might 9

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Ah! I missunderstood you then. Off I go to check the raven :slight_smile: