catnip form & bonus

catnip-+4 calming
+5 to effect felines
if you have any other ideas for form & bonuses for catnip please tell me.

May I humbly suggest that you combine your "form and effect bonus" questions into one thread? You could also do the same for your spell design questions and keep our shiny new forum from getting too cluttered to quickly.

Now, that being said: +5 to cats makes sense, but I think the +4 calming may be a little high. And besides, doesn't catnip usually make cats more rambunctious?

You forgot the Garlic. :stuck_out_tongue:
Why are you asking this question here , as well as the D20 section?

Catnip is from the mint family, and the smell of mint is supposed to be calming and relaxing. However, I agree that it should be lower, perhaps a +2.

Remember that cats were considered evil in medieval times, so that attracting cats was not considered a good thing...


sorry,I was thinking +2 but it came out +4 instead sorry about that.