Cecilio ex Bonisagus, the Younger

In addition to the question on if I should post in chpt IV, I have a second one. Can the mastery ability Life-linked Ritual be taught to people who lack one of the virtues if they are lucky enough to find a teacher? Or a book detailing the ability? Because if so it makes vis-less healing less a project for the original research type stuff and more a project for spending a bunch of seasons to get the needed info into a book form.

Either or is fine with me. Also "Your character wouldn't know so try it IC and find out!" is a perfectly acceptable answer. But if my character would know it would inform her IC actions. For some reason I was assuming the books would require providing a full 50 xp of a mastery ability for four levels...

You may not know of it. It is Rare and normally available to a select group. Though they could teach you, there is little motive.

Not sure where to start you yet. Let me percolate on it.

Wait, I'm confused. Cecilio has the virtue Imbued with the Spirit of (Form). So is that virtue required to learn the Mastery Ability at all, then she would need to find a teacher on top of that? Right now I have Life-Linked Ritual for several of her Mastery Abilities. When I was making Cecilio I assumed that virtue was all that was needed to pick that Mastery Ability. Should I change those then?

If you have the required Virtue, that's different. You confused me by asking LOL.

I was thinking of starting you off in the current City of Brass story. Let me know if this works for you. All on your own you were exploring, in search of one of the fabled Brass Bottles. Your expedition was jumped by bandits, your grogs killed (most of them, the PC grogs you make survived), and you are being held captive in their hideout. A magical chain forged by Jinn binds you and prevents spellcasting.
The party is about to discover said hideout, extract vengence on the bandits, and that is how you enter the saga.

Sure CoB sounds like a great starting point. Just let me vomit up a couple of grogs. And then craft a couple of life stories for said grogs. They will be significantly less fleshed out than Cecilio. Are you using Arte and Academe? I was going to go for a physician and a wilderness guide for the grogs.

Forget grogs for now. they were wiped out, you were knocked ot, and you are in a magical prison that resists your magic.

kk. I assume Purity is in there too?
Actually I had originally assumed she would be traveling without grogs.

P.S. I'm not supposed to be posting something in the Road to the City of Brass thread am I?

You can if you want to. Describe a scene with your captors, think back on how you got in this mess, and stop to think about how it is impossible for this anti magic prison to even work like it does. Must be some kind of trick or illusion or glamour.

Well I posted a scene. I didn't include how I got in this mess. I blame too much wine.

Too much wine is always a good way to get into a mess. :laughing:

Alchohol is often a cause of trouble and igniter of interesting tales.
I wish I could say I speak from distant memory, but my stories are quite recent and I don't remember much at all.

So, Cecilio's a kitsune-girl? With counts only one tail?

pffft. Slacker :laughing:

Omg, why do I know what you are talking about? What is wrong with me?

Well, the name of the image leads me to assume that it's a picture of a character named Horo. A quick google-search (okay, not so quick, I had to skip past all the "Horoscope" stuff) tells me that it's actually a character named Holo, from a manga and anime series called Spice and Wolf (which, reading about it, looks interesting).

The "kitsune" quip was because she looked like a fox-girl to me, and kitsune is Japanese for fox. Kitsune is also a type of spirit that can transform into women. And in some legends, the more tails a kitsune has, the older, wiser, and more powerful it is.

Ish? Its magical blood (wolf), not fox blood, so its a wolf ears and wolf tail.

I'm gonna go fix the ritual masteries since life linked should only be for corpus rituals.

I appear to have forgetten to pick familiar bond cords for Cecilio. IIRC, I had just enough to bind Purity leaving me with a lab total of 34. I'll take a +3 bronze cord, unless anyone has some objection.

Of course not.
Updated the Wiki.

15 xp?!?! A windfall! Although I think Independent study would apply? It has the

On that note let's add 5 experience (doubled to 10) to Chicurgeon’s Healing Touch Mastery, 5 experience to Corpus, 5 experience to Magic Lore and 1 exp each to Area Lore: Magic Realm, Philosophiae, and Artes Liberales. Does that all work of for Cecilio?

For Purity how about 5 xp to each of Latin, Second Sight and Awareness?