Celtic holidays in Ars Magica

So today being Beltane/May Day, I find myself wondering how (or if) other folks handle the Celtic (or other pagan) holidays in their Ars Magica sagas? Do magical auras increase? Do magi get bonuses to Intelligo spells cast on Candlemas? Do ghosts and faeries wander freely on All Hallows Eve? Or, do these days just pass by unmarked?

as far as I am concerned
some day a strange regio opened in 2000 European and a young girl, 13 year old, pass through, getting the gift and arrived in 1270 (or so) mythic europe
it was at hallow eve, her birthday at midnight...
It could be interesting, specially in celtic countries that those days, magical auras raise for the day (or the night)

It hasn't really come up in my sagas before, but I'd probably go with increasing Faerie Auras from dusk til dawn. Perhaps with a coresponding decrease in the EF to navigate Faerie Threshholds.

Many of these days are marked by Christian festivals too.

Rise of fae and magic auras. Opening of regios. Production of vis in several vis sources (it coagulates in those days). Flickering wards, day where the fae answer questions about the future in riddles....

Those 4 days are days when our magi are running aorund trying to keep everything in order, check everything in their things-to-be-done list and trying to prevent a crisis. All that, while not appearing as a bunch of devil worshippers to the Church and local population. If we have an Ars session on one solstice or equinox, Laura plays SG. She loves fae breaking havoc on our carefully laid plans.


Good girl. :wink: