cero animals

if 2 creo'ed mice have babies are the new mice real or a spell effact that will end killing the babies.

If the two mice were created with a Momentary Creo Ritual using Vis , they are real and breed as per normal mice.

Created with any other duration , year at most , means that at the end of the duration , you will have two dead mice.
(assuming you fed them , otherwise they will die of starvation)

If Creo food (non-Vis) does not nourish , then animals sustained by magic cannot , imo , breed.
They can bonk each other as often as they like , but no pregnancy will result.

The spell (or spells) cannot interact with each other to create more mice.
Even mice with the same duration as the original spell.

I agree with Ravenscroft on all points.

But just to stress that I think the 'deficiency' in these mouse is unrelated to duration (excluding the mom ritual). So even if the duration was long enough for them to carry to term (which is less than one month as far as I know) I would either not allow it or for effect let them give birth to still borns. Rather than duration this is about the mice not being perfectly real, which only the mom ritual will make them, and thus they are not fertile at all. Alternatively you could allow them to breed but let the litter die/disappear when the spell ends.

thank you both