Certamen Example

Howl's Moving Castle, versus his master.

Mind you, it's an example of being completely owned, and obviously not exactly Hermetic, but it's a wonderfully flavorful battle.

I think I'll apply that whenever two Magi go for Certamen (or, at the least, two powerful ones.)

Saw it, I know I loved it, but I'm too senile to remember this part :blush:

Errr..... me do not undertand.... :confused: :blush:


In miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle (You may know it under another name, such as El castillo ambulante), it seems that there's a scene which is a great inspiration for certamen.
Sadly, I don't remember it :blush:

I suspect that the reference may be to the orignal, superior and far more convoluted book. Which is, in a fairy-tale way, a good inspiration for things all-pervasive magic can do - especially what happens in a town when someone puts just a little bit of magic into the hats she makes.

Searched for it in the wi,kipedia (amazing resource for studff like this). Never heard of it. No wonder I was puzzled by the original reference!! :slight_smile:


The scene in question takes place in this clip



It seems a tad more aggressive than standard certamen as I see it, since the magi seem to be inmersed in the medium. I always envisioned certamen to be done by proxy, but having the magi actually inside the illusion makes perfect sense as well. :slight_smile:

[rant]But well, we do not play certamen much, and never as per the book, but more along the lines of the shapeshifting contests in LotN, or plain ol' (mostly illusory) combat sessions, so hey. [/rant]

I can see that scene happening in Mormulus lab as well.



Ahhh, my mistake. I didn't remember anything like that from the film. Didn't remember anything like it from the book either, but since it was more complex I thought it likely. Oh well.

My bad, my memory confused "say" and "saw" :laughing:

Well, since Cert' is a trance, perhaps this is an example of what "losing" looks like, getting lost in the images? Also, this example bounced around the forms a bit, but the end effect was great - or maybe it was all Imagonem?

I think the best line was:

"His powers are far too great for someone without a heart..."

But the line has to be delivered as if reading the periodic table of elements. :wink: