Certamen for love and final spell.

If you are conducting Certamen for love, is it bad form to cast The Genethlialogical Investigation if you win? The description of the spell states it is tantamount to declaring Wizards War, but Certamen sort of gives a free pass for some spells.

Context, I have a Tremere NPC of the Burning Acorn Vexillation who is recruiting magi to investigate Mount Dol with him. He invites them to engage in certamen to gauge their strength. He is pretty senior, they don’t have much of a chance, but you never know how the dice will roll. This is supposed to be local color for the Normandy Tribunal, if the rest of the players want to investigate Mount Dol, I don’t see why they would want to go with him and be bossed around anyway

Interesting question. Where is that spell?


Ask yourself this: how would your players likely react if an NPC did this to them?

That spell is, when cast on a magus, basically a declaration of 'I intend to punch through your parma without your permission'. Some more aggressive magi may even forego the standard formality of wizard's war and attack you on the spot - and rely on political support in Tribunal to exonerate them of the crime. After all, it could -easily- be argued that you struck first by casting that spell. Especially if the attacker is a Tremere magus and has the clout of his house behind him.

By the same token, it isn't technically a hermetic crime if you lop off another magus' finger - provided that in doing so you take steps that he doesn't lose even a day of lab time. You aren't affecting his gift or ability to do magic any more than you would if you cast a spell to give him ass' ears of moon duration. However, I'm pretty sure the magus in question would be more than slightly annoyed.

Remember: by the code it isn't a crime to cast spells on another magus provided you don't a) inhibit his magical power or b) kill him. It is also not a code violation to take umbrage at that spell and declare wizards war in response. You technically don't even have to wait until after Certamen - the only thing Certamen gives is the freebie 'no Parma' strike.

Of course, all of this is dependent on the victim realising what the spell actually is and what it does.

Spell by Technique says InCo15, A&A p 72.

iirc the effect of the spell is to give you the Nativity Horoscope of the target, so basically you get a freebie and powerful permanent arcane connection to them without problems.

I second kid gloves here. I think he nailed it :slight_smile:


HEre is the catch, it would count as scrying and even though it is free spell at end of certamen, it still might be charged as scrying and a tribunal that doesn't lke tremere could easily punish the Tremere for doing it. (that isn't even counting wizard war possibilities.). Then again, if he is getting that free spell, the person is unconcious from losing certamen and won't know what spell was cast.

Actually, there is nothing in the code against giving another magus ass ears for Moon duration (or casting it ritually for instant duration, in fact). What certamen does is to prevent you retailiating for that act if it was the last freebie spell. The spell must be within the parameters of the code, though.

Hmm... does that mean that you cannot cast ANY intellego spells at a downed certamen contender or ytou can be accused of scrying?


Well, I had a maga cast InHe spell on an mage after winning certamen to make the person get overwhelmed with plant Health information for a couple days (until duration). (very foresty covenant).

Upon reviewing the certamen rules, I realized that the free spell has to be of the Technique/Form of the contest. It is unlikely to hit that particular combination, so I probably should not spend too much effort worrying about it regarding the players.

However, I could easly see this as a case before the tribunal which needed to be settled. Presumably with a more juior Tremere or a Tytalus as the perpertrator.

I'm pretty sure a nativity horoscope isn't an Arcane Connection. Drawing up a horoscope provides a sympathetic bonus, but you still have to have an Arcane Connection.

Yes. A horoscope is a Sympathetic Connection, not an Arcane Connection.