Chains, quivers, and talismans

You know how "Magic resistance keeps magic away from the maga, her clothing, and other items that are very close to her." (ArM p85) ?

All you really need is for your troupe to agree that the Parma covers a few inches away from your body, and a quiver worn tightly to the body (such as a hip quiver) will be covered. The full length of your bow may not be, but if the bow itself is a Talisman (get that yummy +5 "destroy things at a distance" bonus which is better than a wand's +4) you have your goal without needing to consider what happens if a single arrow is broken.

What about a weapon Talisman with no active effects currently running?
Or, perhaps the sword is not enchanted to be more dangerous in combat, but has some patching-up ala Bind Wound effects for the wielder to use after the combat?

Obviously not, if the maga wants to shoot those arrows at someone. Let me repeat the goal:
A maga wants to shoot arrows b[/b] which should be protected by her Parma b[/b] and unhindered by her target's own Magic Resistance b[/b].
In your example, you achieve (2) and (3), but not while you achieve (1).

A maga can achieve (1), (2) and (3) at the same time.

All she has to do is use perfectly mundane arrows; wrap around each arrow one of her (long) hair, and MuCo the portion of the hair "trailing" behind the arrow into a long, ultra-thin tether that does not interfere with the arrow's flight. If you want to be pernickety about it, add a Rego requisite to ensure non-interference. This yields (1).
If the hair wraps around most of the length of the arrow, the arrow itself will not be at a distance from the maga greater than what an average worn robe would be. Hence, it will be protected by the maga's Parma, achieving (2).
If the hair is affected by the Muto/Rego effect only in the portion "trailing behind" the arrow, then arrow will have no magic upon it, yielding (3).

The problem is that this looks a bit gimmicky and inelegant. I was wondering if there was another way to achieve (1), (2) and (3) without this "hair-tether" stuff, improving the "aesthetics" of the character design without impacting the mechanics.

Yes, and some places sell singleton shoes of multiple sizes so those who have different sized feet can make matching pairs from halves of different pairs... And all this fits the setting because medieval boots were built using 20th-21st century mass production?

Also, shoelaces would be like bowstrings.

...I'am not saying a crazy hair focused magus is beginning to take shape, but iam not saying it isnt...

Another option could be to create a new 'Fold' of the Parma Magica (HoH:TL, pg. 30), that allows you to do what you want?

Yeah, I had an idea for a character using the +7 affect hair S&M bonus for a comb, but that was to use PeCo or PeAn to force opponents to shed their hair so I could gather arcane connections. Using MuCo to wrap your hair round things like Medusa from the Marvel Inhumans comics adds new things you can do with hair. I can see it now - Rapunzel ex Tytalus and a mystic tower with no doors to it.

If your opponent is skilled enough to fast-cast spells that destroy arrows mid-flight, you have bigger things to worry them destroying the ground beneath you or collapsing nearby scenery on to your archer.

This discussion is making me think of a few different things. First, my opinion: I don't believe you can have a situation where you can bypass the target's magic resistance while delivering touch-range spells. That just doesn't seem to gel mechanically. I got a bunch of neat ideas from this discussion though, and I'm going to throw them in even if they don't line up perfectly for your final goals; they may spark other ideas.

  • You can have the arrows be part of yourself; Referencing the spell Inmost Companion (MuMe[An]), and my long-forgotten post about Shards of Hate, you can design a spell or effect that makes arrows out of shards of your personality or emotion (MuMe[HeTe]?) at concentration duration; You can end the spell at will, of course, to protect those bits of yourself that are away.
  • You can design charged items that cast a version of The Intangible Tunnel, or some version thereof.
  • I had some ideas about making a quiver that casts MuAnHe to turn threads woven into it into arrows, but I can't look at the numbers, since I'm getting clocked back into work in a moment.

An idea with many, many problems:

  • Open an arrow as your talisman.
  • Enchant a momentary effect that shrinks you and the bow the moment the arrow is fired.
  • Ride the arrow to your target.
  • Have the shrinking wear off, pick up your arrow and repeat.

Having enough effects invested into the arrow should give it a substantial bonus against breaking. Avoiding breaking yourself is left as an exercise for the reader.

And take a huge penalty to accuracy for riding the arrow, never mind the botch-die-laden Athletics checks to hold on for dear life.

Also the fact that you've just ended up right next to the thing you just shot and quite possibly didn't actually kill, without your shield grog.

"Is repeatably survivable" wasn't actually one of the criteria listed for the effect, though.