Chapter 1: An unexpected visitor

"Willing to cooperate with those that uphold our laws?" I suppose that's vague enough, Saevitius thinks.

He brushes a stray lock of hair from his forehead. There are many challenges for any new covenant in this area, and a covenant existing across tribunal borders only invites greater. I can understand why you are requesting support, but we really need more information. Perhaps you could tell us where you plan on founding your chapter house, and who might be working there? Also, why are you choosing a location outside your home tribunal?

Aristarcus listens to all the comments and stray remarks. He strokes his long ponytail and sometimes scratches Silverwing on the head. The swan still has some jam on its bill, and unknowingly Aristarcus smears it up Silverwing's head.

He nods at various intervals and sips his cider.

"True, I could just say what is on my mind, but beating around the bushel...well, maybe that's another talk for politics. Then again, this is sort of politics. We were thinking of placing our chapterhouse in Middleburg in Zeeland. It's the only real town there, and a....capable person of ours have found an area not unlike the one that Treverorum used to have in Trier. I don't suspect there will be much fighting over Vis - it's not really the reason, why we want to ...expand."

He folds his hands on the table and looks at Vibius and Pelegan...then over at Saevitius, to Avellana before locking eyes with Magnes.

"You see we have a hint of what is going on...with the Lotharingian Tribunal...or maybe it is just me. Well mainly me I guess. And I haven't really made up my mind about it yet. But the path divides soon...will you support a chapter house? And will you receive the juicy information about the whereabouts of the Lost Library of the Octahedron?"

He smiles slyly at you...

Vibius looks interested as soon as a library is mentioned. With a risk to be somewhat rude I think that me and my soldaes should discuss this in private. There are a number of things that we must decide upon. I hope that you understand. Vibius pause for a moment and then continue. During the time that we decide we will make sure that our servants take good care of you.

"Why surely. I can understand the need to discuss such weighty matters!" Aristarcus rises and with him Silverwing.

"I hope your discussions will lead you to the right decision..." He turns and walks up the few steps of the stair to the gallery, then turns with a flourish,

"untill we talk again Sodales!" He opens the doors and exit, Silverwing waddling out behind him.

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Vibius turns to his soldaes. I think that we should determine what we have to gain and loose from this deal. This library and the favour of the Guernicus, not a great favour but they will remember that we supported their chapter house. But what is at risk here? Vibius frown his forehead and scratches behind his ear for a moment.

I am not sure information about the library is really worth all that much. With how many covenants is Aristarchus attempting to curry favor? For all we know, this travelling Guernicus has visited half the tribunal, and the race to the library's secrets may have already started. Of course, that could be all the more reason to join the chase! Saevitius' eyes light up with glee at the prospect of a contest.
The real question is, sodales, how much influence does Aristarchus wield, and can we afford to decline his offer?
Watching the reactions of the others, Saevitius helps himself to a bit of cheese and thinks, If we can persuade Aristarchus to be an ally in forming the Lotharingian Tribunal, the goals of the Cabal will be that much closer to fruition.

We should also think about what other fractions that we could support. After all this wizards could have some enemies that will be our enemies if we support him. A short pause from Vibius and he thinks for a moment. But on the other hand there is no visible sign that we support him so perhaps it will go unnoticed, at least for now. I say that we support this man and his chapter house. Get whatever information we can. This library would be interesting to study if we got the chance. If his gift proves false or with out value we could hold this against him at a later time to get a head start would be nice if he has spread this rumour to others. Can anyone see any reason to not support this magus?

This looks like a real predicament to me. While no covenant that wants to create the Lotharingian Tribunal should be interested in having this chapter house, each one, if asked on its own, will be willing to trade in its support for something of value. They, just like us, cannot be sure that other covenants won´t offer their support. A very good move of Aristarcus to come visit us here in advance.
I agree that the only thing we can do is negotiate to get as much as possible for our support.
We should get as many informations as possible about this library. We have to make it clear to Aristarcus that only concret information that leads us somewhere will guarantee our support.
And while we are at it and he mentioned it, we should ask for a guarantee that none of our vis sources shall be disputed.

Is this magus in some way opposed to the creation of the new tribunal? If so it changes things… How sure are you on this magus agenda regarding the new tribunal that we all wish to see? Perhaps we should bargain for his support for the new tribunal before we enter a deal but then he will give us a great deal of favour for a little support. We should ask he regarding his view on the new tribunal, if he is against it we will dismiss him and send out our own messengers that will spread the word regarding this mans intentions. Vibius seems annoyed about the obstacles that seems to appear.

At least i understood it that way from Yans post above and in his characters history.

Master Liparea, you should know best about this mens intentions and those of his covenant. Is he really that undecided as he claims? I can hardly believe it, after all this chapter house must have a reason to be founded. But which one is it? With the utmost respect to you and your house, i concluded that this chapter house is meant to keep a close watch on the founding of the new tribunal and prevent it causing too much mischief and change.

But as i said, i dont think that those interested in the new tribunal stand as united as you might think, Master Vibius. If there is just something valuable enough to gain... They would be happy about your noble intentions though. They would gain something and not even have to face the consequences if the chapter house doenst find a majority at the next tribunal.

I say lets support this man if his offer is valuable enough. Even if the chapter house is not supportive of the Lotharingian tribunal, i cannot imagine how they alone would be able to stop it.

Magnes had been silent since Aristacus' response, and now he was addressed he held his fingertips together and took a deep breath.

"The Inner Council at Magvilus is concerned," he says. "Concerned that the Lotharingian Tribunal, if it becomes a reality, is just an excuse to live in lawlessness. That its Peripheral Code will bend and twist the First Tribunal's rulings in such ways that it could possibly become a threat to the Order at large," and upon saying so he glances at each of his companions, wondering what their reaction to this piece of information may be.

"I was actually sent, about a decade ago, to investigate the possible threats, so I visited the covenants in the area to gauge their intentions," he pauses. "But the senior Quaesitors considered my report... inconclusive."

At this moment he takes an empty cup and pours wine into it, taking a long sip.

I see nothing wrong in supporting Aristarchus' request, Saevitius muses. If he is indeed favorable toward the new tribunal, his support in these efforts would be beneficial. If he wishes to thwart our plans, it is to our benefit to be aware of the obstacles early on. While our support might not make him an ally, keeping ones enemies close has its advantages.

However, I agree with Pelegan. Founding a chapter house carries few risks but possibly many benefits. While I am willing to support the endeavor, I would not want to make it too easy. Perhaps we should question Aristarchus more closely about his intentions. And I do think that notifying other interested covenants about those intentions would be in order, Saevitius grins, albeit after we learn more about this library.

Avellana listens to each of her Sodales, and then she rises and walks to an old painting hanging on a wall.

"He hardly is as uninformed and inconclusive in his opinions as he says. That would run counter to everytinhg I know about the Guernicii," she looks at Magnes and smiles, "You do seem a very informed and ...correct House. I can relate to that."

She looks at the painting. A knight is riding aganst a demon and pierces its heart with a silvery lance. But there is something in the Demon's it knows what is coming, and doesn't care.

"I know naught of this library, but am interested in more information about it. Our Library is lacking, and I would like to get some books - however I doubt it will be easy to locate it. Lost fables and tales of wondrous places have a tendency to be crowded with spirits, neer-do-wells and traps..."

"But if we do form the Lotharingian Tribunal...we are bound to have Quaesitors here...Master Magnes...and others...would Aristarcus be such a bad person?" She returns to her chair.

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I think that we have decided then. We summon this magus and give him our support in exchange for as much as possible. I am in the middle of some important research so I wish that the delay is short. We must see to that there are some guarantee that the library is only our knowledge as we could need some time to prepare.

"While I am not so certain we have, indeed, decided," Magnes looks at Vibius briefly, "it does seem as if at this point, we have little choice. I do hope you are all familiar with the concept of a Vassal Covenant, as stated in the Normandy Peripheral Code? See this covenant would owe Confluensis service of some sort, be it a vis tribute, vote at Tribunal or services performed. I want to be sure we are all aware of that, that there are provisions written in their very charter to support this vassalage," he pauses a moment and takes another sip of wine.

"Then again, and I apologize for repeating myself, but we do have little choice. Confluensis is the largest Guernicii covenant in Normandy and its influence can be felt far from its seat. It is little surprise that Magvilus and Confluensis would wish to keep us at close vigil," he says. "What intrigues me however is why offer such piece of information. Why is it not valuable for the magi at Confluensis? Why offer it to such a young and small covenant such as ours? I can but think of two reasons; either they want us to remember the kidness in the future," he looks at Avellana and Saevitius. "Or they are preparing the terrain for something else."

If the new tribunal is created the bonds of vassals will be broken. Each magus will be free again as the code intended. Vibius pause again takes a breath and wonder when he could return to his lab. Now shall we get this over with?

Saevitius brushes the lock of hair from his forehead. I think we have all spoken, if not in support of dealing with Aristarchus, then at least not directly against. As Avellana has pointed out, we could do with some additions to our library, and Magnes does bring up the point that we may have little choice if we want to avoid a larger issue later. We should ask Aristarchus for some assurance that he will not be contesting our vis sources, and that he has not divulged, nor will divulge, information about the Library to other interested magi. After all, Saevitius thinks, the game is no fun if there aren't a few rules.

Saevitius looks around the table. Do we need more discussion at this point? If not, let us conclude today's business with Aristarchus. I am sure that tomorrow we will need to hash out what to do with the information he provides.

[OOC: Do we have guest accomodations? And, do we have an Aegis in place? If so, Saevitius would be willing to invite Aristarchus and his entourage to stay the night, and to have dinner with the visitor.]

Yes we shall conclude our business with our guest. Then we must decide on how to handle the information he gives us. I have nothing further to add, at least for now. Vibius mind is wandering towards a most interesting phenomenon that his research revealed a few days ago. Perhaps I have a breakthrough now… Send for our guest now. Vibius is impatient but hides it as good as he can.

OOC: We must have some guest quarters as covenant regularly get visits from redcaps and others.

No need to ramble on when everything is said.

Pelegan nods in agreement at Master Saevitius´ summary.