Chapter 1: Fast travel group (Felix recon)

Horst nods and rings for the steward.

The steward blushes and confirms that "Felix" had been at Fengheld in early summer, and had claimed to be passing by and doing the House a favor. He had dropped off his one letter and left without the usual three-day stay. In fact, he had even refused to stay for a meal mumbling something about timing and fairies.

OOC - Which is just what the steward said before, and maybe all we'll get here but hopefully not.

Adele says to Horst, "Would you be willing to use Creo-Mentem magics - cast by your own magi - to help your servants remember more details?"

Horst looks at the steward who blinks, suddenly afraid: "Don't you worry, those magics are not harmful, but serve to improve your memory of the moment in question. If you agree, we will put the question before the council, who can meet tonight to vote on the issue."

Hesitantly, the steward nods. Horst tells her to convene the council for a brief meeting shortly after sunset. "You won't we invited for the debate, of course, but we will inform you about our decision, and the results, should we decide to allow this, tonight. Until then you are our guests, of course. Anything else we can do?"

"Thank you for your assistance, Master Horst. This should indeed help us." Animus replies. After a moment's thought, he adds. "There might indeed be something else. Once we have completed our investigation here, my sodalis and I plan on travelling to a number of other covenants of the tribunal to conduct similar searches for clues. It might be of help to us in this endeavor if you could provide us with a letter endorsing our search for 'Felix'," the Tremeris makes the quotes around the name clear by his tone, "so that we don't face too much resistance to our questions. Your name and reputation are well-known in the Tribunal, so this would make it clear that this is not a fickle request from young magi, but rather an important matter known to House Mercere."

Horst promises to do so, and promptly empties his bookstand that contains some unfinished notes to start your letter of recommendation. At dinner, you are informed that the counsel has approved of your request and questioned the steward using memory improvement.

The steward now remembers that "Felix" murmured : "I have no time - winter is approaching and the cold fairies of the Westerwald are stronger then." She also remembers that he seemed cool to the touch - odd on a sunny summer day.

(I would roll for any knowledge of the Westerwald and its faeries, but Invisible Castle is no longer available. Int + Area Lore: Rhine Tribunal total of 2. Manual die roll would be 8, if you accept that.)

(In any case, Animus would again approach Horst to see what he knows of the area and its faeries, as it looks likely that we will be go there to investigate further at some point.)

Adele cannot add to anything Animus knows about the faeries. She'll accept Fengheld's hospitality for the night, and then she and Arthur should be off to the next covenant.

(OOC - In what order were the letters delivered?)

(roll counts)

(So it makes it a total of 10. What does Animus know of the Westerwald and its faeries? And can Horst add anything to what Animus already knows?)

OOC discussion to move things along:

  1. So, we want to establish the order in which we visit the covenants. I would suggest we visit the covenants in an order that makes physical sense for Animus. And since Animus is making the run, Adele will go where he decides to go. So while she suggests this order, it's really up to him.
  2. We should write questions we ask and things we tell at various covenants. Let's mull those over.
  3. Adele makes sure she meets with the quaesitor who arrives at Triamore. This shouldn't be a problem since she spends more than 50% of her nights and as much or more of her days at Triamore.
  4. Depending on how Animus behaves with her, Adele may get fairly chummy with him.

Here's the itinerary I was planning for Animus.

For questions, I would focus on trying to track down Felix and his movements over the last year. So generally asking if they've received a visit from this redcap in the last year, and explaining that he seems to have disappeared. Show Horst letter to legitimize our search for the redcap. Not mention anything about the impersonation situation or the fact that magi were lured to Triamore.

As an additional line of inquiry, ask if they know anything about Westerwald and its faeries. Particularly true when we visit Irencillia and Durenmar.

That sounds like a good approach. After all, he has disappeared and we are looking for him. We're just also looking for not-him.

The rationale for Animus is that spreading news of an impersonator would weaken trust in the redcap network, thereby weakening one of the things that tie the Order together. So it is better to resolve things quietly. Of course, he would also expect House Mercere to tighten security, but he'll leave that topic to more senior members of House Tremere to discuss it with House Mercere.

Travelling alone all day long leave a lot of time to think about things like that. :smiley:

I rolled some more dice (ooc - storyguide's priviledge):

Felix wasn't seen anywhere else. You learn some details about the Westerwald.

Fengheld: done
Oculus Septentrionalis: Warm welcome (Invitations to the brothel included - suitable companions provided my Mendax himself).
Crintera: not very cooperative. Warn you about snooping around in the forest, especially in winter.
Irencillia: Helpful when it comes to the fairies. Winter fairies: They are strongest and most honest in winter (when they rule the forest's heart) and weaker and very deceptive in summer (when they are more of an opposition/guerilla troupe. Visiting them is potentially deadly, because they like to toy with magi. Bringing iron is going to anger them, as is trying not to play by their rules.
Durenmar: The forest is potentially alive. There was a covenant somewhere in the Westerwald a long time ago (nobody can be bothered to really check the details - you can do the research yourself (1 season spent to gain OOHL xp will provide you with a detailed answer)
Harco? The other group has all the information tto ge gained at Harco.

Certainly, that's to be expected. :smiley:

Harco was simply included because the two groups had planned on rejoining there. Animus probably arrives there only a few days after the slow group has left. He'll catch up with them on the road, and since Adele can port in every evening as planned, they can discuss their findings along the way or in the evening when they make camp / stay at an inn.

So, to recap what Animus and Adele have been able to learn:

  • The Felix who visited Fengheld murmured comments about having no time, winter approaching and the cold faeries of the Westerwald being stronger then. He seemed cool to the touch even on a sunny day. He was in a hurry and didn't stay the usual 3 days, not even for a meal, again saying something about faeries and timing.
  • There used to be a covenant in the Westerwald, a long time ago. Searching the library at Durenmar might have provided more details, but this might takes months.
  • The Westerwald faeries can be dangerous. They like to toy with magi, are angered by the presence of iron and by those who don't play by their rules. They are stronger but more honest in winter, while weaker but more deceptive in summer.

Your summary sounds perfect!

Did Adele learn anything from the quaesitor who came to Triamore?