Chapter 1 (IC): Welcome?

In reply to Animus Adele says, "With an arcane connection, I could be there quite soon. Without one I would want to go slower to check landmarks since I've never been there. Even so, I could potentially make it in a few diameters. I'd rather take an hour or two to be sure I don't get lost. But perhaps we should both go?"

When She hears about arcane connection She replies to Adele "Humm i'm carrying a few seeds, some of them might probably still work as arcane connection to trees near Fengheld"
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Hildegarde Hands down an ash seed to Adele "make good use of It, It comes from a grove about a mile from Fengheld, you'll find the road easily from there I believe. It's too late to go this evening so unless someone has anything else to share about the expedition, I'll return to my quarters If you don't mind." She slightly bows to the assistance and adds "I'll be up early tomorrow to see If I can be of assistance despite my lack of fast magical transportation. Good night. "

Animus shakes his head, "Since you have an arcane connection to Fengheld, then you should go and inquire about Felix. It would take me two days to get there, an unnecessary delay. Go there tomorrow morning, if you will." He looks at Daria, "In the meantime, it might be useful for us to know who your enemies are, magistra. Those you know about, at least. That way, we can start looking at how and why each one might have contrived to place us in this situation."

Adele takes the seed and replies, [b]"Thanks. That will be very helpful. I will make the trip in the morning. Is there anything anyone thinks I should specifically know about Fengheld before going. I only know of it as an apprentice in another Rhine Tribunal covenant, so mostly by hearsay.

"While we're all together tonight, though, we should discuss further plans. I will grab an arcane connection to a place nearby to allow me to return quickly. Yes, most likely we will have to try to intercept him somewhere. That may be best done with Animus and me moving quickly along some roadways once we find out where he's headed. I just want to make sure we all coordinate efficiently when I return from Fengheld. Perhaps we should plan to meet just after lunch, as Fengheld may ask me to stay for a meal out of courtesy."[/b]

"It sounds like we have a good plan to start with. Felix might not know much and he could be innocent in this scheme but he should at least be able to provide us with some new leads to work with. If he has trouble with his memory I can help him with that part."

Menatia starts to rise from her chair. "I have had a rough day on the road so I will say goodnight and go to get some rest. See you all tomorrow and best of luck to you Adele on your trip." She then leaves for her quarters she has been given.

"None that I can think of, Fengheld is quite welcoming. I can write you a little note to introduce you Master Indulius of Flambeau, this might speed up things a little, but I think I'll be more efficient If Daria write directly a message to Archmage Stentorius" HIldegarde then turns her attention to Daria.

Daria looks into the fire but a crease in her brow betrays her concentration: "I can write a note. I'll have it brought to your room at dawn - the sun's rising late in winter. As for enemies of Triamore, I think the nature of the deed makes it unlikely that it was done from someone without any knowledge about our Order, which rules out the local lords and the bishop. Some demons or fairies might know enough about us to play such a role, but the most likely candidates seem to be magi. Politically, Triamore is associated with the Apple Gild, but none of you seem to be deeply embroiled in Gild politics, so I can't see what benefit the blockheads in the hawthorn and elder gild could hope to gain from this. It might be a covert offer of support in my struggle to create a Lotharingian Tribunal, or an attempt to distract me from those plans. Then again it might not have anything to do with Triamore, but turn out to be the result of some internal struggle among the redcaps. We will know more when we have news from Fengheld. Ah and one last thing: When using the Aegis token as a means of fast transportation, use it in a covert position, because you are going to emerge in a specially built niche in the gatehouse, a niche that is trapped with a spear stabbing at you at this height." She indicates neck level.

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Adele replies, "I was planning to pick up a stone from outside of the Aegis of the Hearth. I would rather not bring arcane connections to points within the Aegis elsewhere since those might be used to target the covenant if they get lost."

Before retiring for the night, or just before Daria does, Animus approaches the princeps. "Magistra, at your convenience, I would like to talk to you in private." (1)

(1) OOC: This is imply to presents himself to the local superior and see whether she has anything House-related to discuss with him. Presenting his marching orders, credentials, and so on, as well as briefing her on his capabilities. This can be done either in this topic or separately, as you see fit Pralix. Or simply glossed over, if there is nothing special to be discussed.

Daria smiles like a crocodile at Adele's reply. There is also a secret meeting with her housemate.

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Hildegarde wakes up rather early in the morning, She wears a casual dress in brown tones and a simple linen coif. It seems like there's not a lot to do until Adele is back, hopefully with useful informations. So she asks the grogs guarding Her room to show her the castle. Before going She heads to the common room, If She crosses any magus, She asks If they want to join her for the visit.

There is just one grog outside each room now, chosen so you can speak with him. He clearly expects to lead you around or answer questions.

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Animus also comes out of his room in the morning, dressed warmly to fend off the winter's chill air that can be felt even inside the covenant. He wears a long tunic of brown wool, lightly embroidered with white thread. His long white hair is gathered in a ponytail. He joins Hildegarde in visiting the covenant.

Hildegarde opens the door of her bedroom and asks the grog (in French : Norman) "Hello sir, We've not been introducted, I'm maga Hildegarde of House Flambeau" She then waits for the grog to introduce himself " Nice to meet you, can You do me a quick tour of the castle and explain me If there are special rules, or organisation I'm suppose to know ? In particular Is there some place in the castle we're not suppose to go except sanctum of course, maybe because they're dangerous, or private etc. Bring me to the common room first so I can check If any fellow magus want to join me for this tour."

Arriving to the common room, She greets Animus , with a slight bowing from Her head " Good morning, I hope that you slept well, It was quite windy. I'm going for a tour to get my bearings in the castle maybe you want to join me ? " As Animus agrees She adds "which room do you wish to see first ?"

Menatia wakes up quite early as well. She combs her long, curly brown hair and dresses herself in a beautiful blue gown that she bought at the fair in Ypres this summer. Then she walks out of her chambers to look around at her new home. She asks the grog that stands outside her door in Picard French to walk with her and tell her about the rooms and corridors they pass.

As they approach the common room she notices Animus and Hildegarde "Good morning sodales. I hope all is well. No news yet from Adele I presume?" When Hildegarde tells her they are going for a tour of the castle Menatia answers "I have heard so much about the library here so I think it would be interesting to see that to begin with."

"I slept well, thank you," replies Animus to Hildegarde. "A tour would be a good idea, and joining you would be quite pleasing." He smiles at the Flambeau maga.

As Menatia joins the pair and suggests that they start with the library, he nods. "A splendid idea. As for Adele, I saw her depart not too long ago. She mentionned it might be a few hours before she comes back, so I don't really expect her back before lunch time."

After all three have finished breaking their fast, he rises, "Shall we?"

Hildegarde agrees with Menatia's proposal "I've also Heard rumors that the library is vast and contains some impressive works, let's go" While They walk towards the library, she asks them both "sooner or later we'll have to work together, so feel free to deny my question but I'm a bit curious about your respective area of expertise magicwise"

She then adds " Mine is not really a secret, and I guess carrying a bag of seed already revealed It anyway, I have a natural affinity for plants. This isn't the most straightforward way to combat, but It's versatile and proved quite efficient while working in a small squad so far" She smiles back at Animus as She evokes teamwork.