Chapter 1: Preparations

August 15, 1220 Anno Domini. The Feast of the Holy Dormition of the Theotokos.

The Orthodox Christian grogs have mostly left the covenant to attend Divine Liturgy for the feast at a nearby church. Non-Orthodox staff are continuing their own work.

As it is a fast day, although there are non-Christians among those who dwell at the covenant, there will be only a light meal at lunch, without meats or dairy products, nor any fish, wine or oil. Those who can have secreted their own stores for the day until the evening meal, but even it will eschew meat and dairy.

Iakovos and Annais are working in the library, seeking a spell which may assist in learning more about the fate of the Redcap.

The other magi have dispersed to their own devices, as instructed by Metatarzes at the end of the emergency council session.

What do you do?

Peregrine has offered to assist in searching the library, since they aren't leaving until they find a spell suitable to their purposes. If nobody objects, he will follow Iakovos to the library.

Humbertus remained seated, awaiting further instructions from Metatarzes concerning his specific duties at this time of ... unrest.

As Peregrine enters the library he is confronted by Annais, who smiles winningly and curls a finger at him.

"Ah, young one, come to take my offer? What a grand and glorious figure you would make in a painting, a veritable Diana with the vision of a hawk flowing through every bit of the image!" She smiles knowingly at Peregrine. "But no, I see you are simply here to join Iakovos digging into the literature of spells...."

The elderly master of the library, Biblios Lexilogos shuffles forward, shooing Annais away. "Leave the poor lad along, Mistress," he says. "Can't you see him blushing? Really, you Criamon can be much to earthy and...well...excitable." Yet he speaks with a smile, and his words clearly give no offense to the maga. "Come, Master Peregrine, I shall take you to Master Iakovos."

Biblios leads the yong magus deeper into the library along a passage that descends slowly into the earth. It must be one of those that eventually leads to the cliff caves at the back of the covenant.

Iakovos nods as you approach, and slips his hands...claws...hands....away from the book he is perusing. Biblios beats a hasty retreat after bowing to his masters. "I recall some mention of possible spells used to communicate with those who have died violently, but not requiring the presence of the body, or portions thereof. Since Redcap Antonitos was such a regular visitor to the covenant, he had a room generally reserved for him, so it is possible we may find something that might give us an arcane connection....perhaps you might go and see what you can find there? Ariagne would know where she usually put him. Or you might dig into that stack of scrolls and parchments over there..." He indicates a particularly dark corner of the library alcove in which he. Peregrine, and Annais (who has followed) are standing.

Peregrine not only blushes, but stares at Annais with a mixture of fear, surprise, and confusion.

[color=blue]"If you don't mind, I think I would prefer to search Antonitos's rooms for something we can use as an arcane connection," he says with a sidelong glance at Annias. He then scurries out of the library in search of the autocrat, beginning in her office.

He finds her there. She looks up from her ledger as he knocks to announce himself. [color=purple]"Yes, magus, what can I do for you?" she asks after granting him entrance.

He briefly explains that the redcap has reportedly been killed, and that he would like to search his guest room for anything the magi can use to help in their investigation.

Ariagne sits, stunned, for a moment before she rises. [color=purple]"Of course. Come with me, magus, if you will." She takes him to where Antonitos would stay, unlocks the door, and motions Peregrine inside. [color=purple]"Return the key to me when you're done, please." She hands him the key and returns to her office, leaving Peregrine to enter the room and begin to search it thoroughly.

Per 1 + Awareness (Searching) 4 + Keen Vision 3 + Die Roll 3 = 11.