Chapter 1: slow travel group

I certainly have no idea what his plan was, but however I am going to assume the most likely reason is to bring our personages to a certain location to which this faux-felix is hiding, perhaps for a requirement of its entry or some other nefarious means, but it matters not we will be able to subdue this treacherous cur and get our answers. Eduardo spoke with a very menacing penchant.

Seeing the eagerness and disgust in her sodales reaction, Marie smiles grimly.

Marie takes a piece of parchment and pushes it across the table to Menantia: "Sign here. It says that you owe us a vial of Felix' blood, to be returned within a year or the sum of 25 pawns of vim vis, also payable within a year. It further states that you freely consent to yield your voting sigil to me until you have paid. It finally makes it clear that you take sole responsibility for any crimes committed using the vial. Renaldo will witness your pledge - or that of one of your comrades."
The glass is of a special make - basically unbreakable (she drops the corked vial on the floor to demonstrate it), so you won't have to worry about accidents. You can of course refuse to sign. In that case, you will be sent a copy of the Westerwald map we used. It would arrive at Triamore in about 2 weeks time. This may seem harsh, but is not open to negotiation. Arcane connections are a sensitive topic for our house. The fact that we offer you the map should clearly show you how much we appreciate your investigation."

As an afterthought, she adds: "If you return Felix body to a covenant so it can be buried properly, we will reward you with a pawn of vis each. We also offer to buy back any items still in his possession."

Hildegarde gazes at Marie when she pronounces her last sentence, she seems almost insulted "Felix will receive a proper burial, provided we can access the body. I don't need any reward for this. As for his Item, that's not a renounced wizard we're talking about ! I'm not going to steal any items from a dead sodales and I'll challenge to certamen anyone trying in my presence."

She whispers for herself (in French) "what order are we living in.."

She then turns to Menatia to see If she intends to make the pledge.

Menatia looks deeply at Marie when she explains the pledge to borrow the vial with Felix's blood. Then she picks up the parchment and glances over it. Her serious face changes to a sly smile as she reaches for the feather pen and dips it in the ink vial to sign the parchment. "Felix's blood will be safe in my hands and I will return it as soon as we have no use of it anymore." she assures Marie and Renaldo and then gives her travel companions a look and a nod as well.

"I have my voting sigil with my things in my chambers here. I'll go and fetch it for you. Just one thing regarding it. If an elderly man with the name Klycus comes and asks for a knife that looks very much like this one; this is not the one he seeks." she smiles at Marie.

Marie looks horrified at the thought that she might lose the sigil: "House Mercere guarantees its safety." she promises quickly.
"Is there anything else you need before you are on your way?"

"None that I can think of, we have a destination let's hope we'll find any clue..." HIldegarde displays a sad look " I'll send you a message when Felix is properly buried with the location of his graves and his belongings if any. I'll keep you informed of the state of the investigation"

Menatia brings the ornamented knife that is her voting sigil and hands it to Marie. "I trust you will handle it with care."

"Unless you have any other information regarding Felix, where he was going on his sabbatical and why, or if you know someone that may look a lot like him, then I guess we should start our journey back north. It's a pity, I would have liked to stay here for a few more days but I guess it will be for another time."
She then turns to Hildegarde and Eduardo as if asking them if there is anything else to add before going.

He simply thought for a moment as he rubbed his chin and looked towards their host "Do you have any idea at the menagerie of magical items Felix carried on his person, in case he was stripped of his gear I would prefer to know what to look for, and not to be surprised by in the worst of cases? Other than that I thank you for your hospitality."

Marie rings the bell again, then instructs the servant to bring her the "Yellow tome". It takes several minutes before he comes back.

She looks up something, then reads:

"Felix ex Mercere, there he is. Longevity ritual (imbibed).
Wand of vis, Rowan wood. a bit longer than a man's hand. Intellego vim to classify vis. Rego vim to move vis. See labtext 127538 by Dana ex Mercere for details.
Travelling cloak brown, man-sized. Protection against dirt, cold and rain (non-permanent), disguise on the road, Impenetrable silk. See labtext 85560 by Stolicozs ex Mercere for details.
Minor item silver ring. Sleeping spell. No labtext available. Fashioned by Garibaldi ex Verditus in 1003AD."

He spends a few moments repeating those things in his head and nods succinctly Our best will be done to ensure he is given proper rites and his items returned thank you, I have nothing more to ask of you.

Hildegarde then leaves the room and heads to her quarters to prepare for departure. She expects some trouble so she puts her bag of sharp stones on her belt with her dagger and changes her dress for something more casual and practical under her heavy traveling cloak allowing for running and makes sure her hair are tightly put into a bun.

When she's ready, She joins the group and makes sure Andreas Is ready too.

Menatia bids her farewell to Marie and Renaldo and then makes herself ready for the journey back north and have her chest brought by servants to be loaded on the wagon.

After saying good bye to their hosts, Eduardo pulled his robes closely about him "Back into this piss pot sort of weather we are having this year...meh, bodes about as well as a two headed calf.